Best Songs From Ariana Grande's Yours Truly


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1 Honeymoon Avenue

I love this song and its personal to a real experience of hers

Yes! This song is number one. Surprised the way isn't number one since it's the most popular but this is my favorite on this album. - zach2246tt

I love this song so much! One of the best Ariana songs! So much expression and you can feel her!


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2 The Way

It's the best indeed the best song ever ariana's voice is incredible in this song no one can believe that shes a debut singer after listening to this song all the songs in this album are really awesome

This song is awesome! I just LOVE THE WAY it sounds!

I think this is a classic a very good one - triple9

3 Tattooed Heart

Very good song. Great tune great voice great everything. Not popular enough to be number 1 in the album but I support Ariana Grande

The vocal in this track is UNBELIEVABLE, she sounds so good in this track

Should be following Honeymoon Avenue.

Should be one. I love this song.

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4 Daydreamin

Great voice and great tune. A slower song but its still a good one

5 Baby I

So very good! I love the beat and the words and everything. Stays in your head for like ever. So catchy and fun! Awesome voice Ari. I'm her biggest Arianator

I hate this song.


6 Almost is Never Enough

I really LOVE this song especially with Nathan Sykes this song is beautiful it should be number 1 - I_Am_Me123

I love this song I song her parts all the time

Definitely better than honeymoon avenue.

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7 Popular Song

Honestly, I want to be able to sing this song. I'm a huge Ari fan and I feel like I don't fit in anywhere I go. I love this song but I also love Honeymoon Ave

8 Piano

Oh my gosh! It's the best song ever. Very catchy and should be #1. PLAY IT ON THE RADIO PEOPLE.

Love this song so much, but I didn't vote for it because, I feel like is says hard too much.

Love this song it's so catchy. I can write a song on my new piano. Ican sing abouty cupid and his shooting arrow!

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9 Right There

This song is definitely addictive but for the most part is magical because of the beautiful throwback vibes and her voice,MY GOD that voice is just amazing. Definitely Top 3 for me and I like the video as well it's cute and fun

Great Song it's like a reminder that she will always be right there!

This is my all time favorite song! I LOVE ARIANA GRANDE!

Right There should be at least in 1st to 3rd place. It deserves much more attention. Such a great song, it is! - inhundredsoffandoms

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10 Better Left Unsaid

I love this song! I posted it because I knew it was missing.

I love this song because I love hearing her voice

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11 You’ll Never Know V 3 Comments
12 Lovin' It

You guys forgot about this song!

One of my favorite songs of hers! :)
I'm surprised that it was the only one that was missing from this list.
It's very catchy, too.

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