Best Songs on ASAP Rocky's Long. Live. ASAP

Album by A$AP ROCKY : no matter the rank on this list every song is great.

The Top Ten

1 F**kin' Problems

I don't even like hip hop/rap and I love this song - CourtneyM17

An "All-Star Game" of rappers

What can I say, only that my phone ring like that for over 2 years and still planing keep it on, phone changing but the ringtone stay the same... :)))

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2 Long Live A$ap

From beginning to end, one of the best rap songs ever made

Best song he's ever done and it's one of my favorites of all time.

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3 Goldie

Great upbeat song; featured in Adidas Basketball commercial

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4 Phoenix

Completely moves you in the first 10 seconds

A$AP can really show off his flow with a slower beat

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5 PMW (All I Really Need)

Another amazing job by ASAP

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6 Ghetto Symphony

Should be 1. sick beat

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7 Wild for the Night

Crazy beat by Skrillex

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9 Suddenly

Very slow song, good change of pace

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10 Angels

Sweet song, music video is nasty

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The Contenders

11 Fashion Killa

Everything about this song is my favorite. - CourtneyM17

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12 1 Train

You have to be on the wackiest drugs if you don't think this song is the best on here - Mcgillacuddy

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