Top Ten Songs from Asking Alexandria's The Black


The Top Ten

1 I Won't Give In I Won't Give In
2 The Black The Black

Honestly your mum

3 Let It Sleep Let It Sleep
4 Here I Am
5 Undivided

I am absolutely obsessed with Asking Alexandria, and this song. I am so excited to see them on the 9th! - music-is-life

6 Just a Slave to Rock N Roll
7 The Lost Souls
8 Send Me Home
9 Circled by Wolves
10 We'll Be Ok

The Contenders

11 Gone
12 Sometimes It Ends
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1. I Won't Give In
2. The Black
3. Let It Sleep
1. Undivided
2. Let It Sleep
3. I Won't Give In
1. Just a Slave to Rock N Roll
2. We'll Be Ok
3. The Lost Souls

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