Top 10 Songs on Atheist's Unquestionable Presence

Unquestionable Presence is the 2nd album by Death Metal band Atheist. In this album they added in a new sound by included Jazz Fusion into their Death Metal sound. It is considered a landmark album for Technical Death Metal. Bassist Roger Patterson wrote the bass lines for Unquestionable Presence, but died in a touring van accident before the recording sessions took place. His work, however, can be heard on the pre-production demos included with the 2005 re-release. Tony Choy was brought in as a replacement to play bass on the album. The album as produced by Scott Burns, who is known for producing many albums from Extreme Metal bands (Sepultura, Death, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Exhorder, Gorguts Napalm Death etc)

This album is the end result if you combined Death Metal, Progressive Metal and Jazz.

The Top Ten

1 Mother Man

This is the best song Atheist ever made, the Jazz elements work so well with their Death Metal sound. - christangrant

2 Unquestionable Presence

Very good title track - christangrant

3 Enthralled In Essence

There are no bad songs on this album because all the songs are very well done. - christangrant

4 An Incarnation's Dream
5 And the Psychic Saw

A good track to end the album off with. - christangrant

6 Your Life's Retribution
7 The Formative Years
8 Brains
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