Top Ten Best Songs On August Burns Red's Found In Far Away Places


The Top Ten

1 Identity
2 Martyr

Overall my favorite ABR song. There is nothing I do not like about it.

3 The Wake
4 Separating the Seas
5 Majoring In the Minors
6 Broken Promises
7 Blackwood
8 Ghosts

It has got Jeremy...! - Mixer

9 Vanguard
10 Twenty-One Grams

The Contenders

11 Marathon

A track off the Deluxe Edition of the album. It fit's right in with the rest of the album, yet find's its own niche at the same time. Guitar work on this one is fantastic from the very start. My second favorite, after Everlasting Ending.

Twenty One Grams and this are obviously the best songs in the album, outstanding melody and nice guitar riffs.

12 Everlasting Ending

How on Earth is this number eleven?
Lyrically outstanding, and it's got amazing and complex guitar work throughout. I am in love with Found In Far Away Places, but this song is just something else.

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