Best Songs On August Burns Red's Rescue and Restore

The Top Ten

1 Fault Line

Best song in this album, definitely.

In My Opinion

1- Fault Line
2- Spirit Breaker
3- Beauty In Tragedy
4- Echoes
5- Provision
6- Animals
7- Count It All Lost
8- The First Step
9- Sincerity
10- Treatment
11- Creative Captivity

There's a reason this has a music video made for it.
Best song on R&R, no contest.

2 Beauty In Tragedy
3 Provision

Not only is provision the best song off of R&R, it's the greatest song off their whole catalog. Coming from someone who has every album of theirs.

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4 Spirit Breaker
5 Treatment
6 Count It All As Lost
7 The First Step
8 Creative Captivity
9 Sincerity
10 Animals

The Contenders

11 Echoes
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