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1 Nightmare

If my nightmares had a Soundtrack, this song would be the principal hahaha.


I love this bands they got talents as well as love for there music, they got good drummers as well as vocalists, After Nightmare I started loving these guys love you Avenged Svenfold

The first song I heard by Avenged Sevenfold and I'll admit, I wasn't that hooked. But as I started looking up other songs by them I really got into them. I realized this album was the best they ever made.

2 Save Me

#8? In my opinion this is the best guitar track Avenged has ever made and one of the better vocal tracks. I think it also their best written 'epic' song. Great transitions, awesome solo, great breakdown, and an overall cohesive feel. I grant that it may be tougher to get into then the other songs because of its length, but a true fan should be able to appreciate this as one of their most complete songs to date.

I agree, this should not be #8, more like #1. 11 minutes of epic-ness in my opinion. Most people probably just pass by the 11 minute song, but if you have time sit down and give it a listen, it will be amazing, the vocals, guitar solo, etc. And everything really flows together nicely. - xSpartanXx

Longest/ best song they've ever recorded. With the bells and violins, the dual guitarists are the best in it. And the ending just fits in so well. This should be number 1

Just the most incredible song I've ever heard not just a7x best song maybe the best song that exsists. The intro is so awesome, the chorus is so full of a real message which not many songs have the guitar solo is the best I've ever heard too the more silent part is so full of harmonics between vocals and guitar... I could go on talking for a long time but just in a few words
If you not know it cause you said 11 minutes and half of it are just guitars it's easil to be amazed by this song without playing the guitar or know much about it - GuitarOne

3 So Far Away

its so touching... makes me cry every time I here it... love Shadows voice.. hands down boy...!
Syn wrote this song tribute to the Rev(Greatest Drummer ever.. R.I.P. ) and one of the best guitar solos I've ever heard... WoOoow... This song is Perfect in every way and One of the greates(I mean it) songs by a7x(Greatest musicians)... love it lot...

I have so much to say but your so far away...! love you guys... - skt

RIP Jimmy Sullivan

Beautiful. The vocals after the dip send chills down my spine.

Every single time I hear to this song I cry.. It doesn't matter where I am or how my mood is, I just cry because it breaks my heart the meaning of the song and of course the way that shadow, syn, zacky and christ make me feel the song trough my whole body till my heart... The guitar solo really gets so deep

4 Buried Alive

The beginning has a Led Zeppelin-esque feel to it, and then it slams into shredded
Megadeth-like riffs. I personally enjoyed the headbanging skeletons in the lyrics video.

it's not just best song of nightmare but one of best song of avenged sevenfold

starts out a beautiful slow song, than erupts into an amazing heavy song

Beautifully mastered song. One of my favorite songs by a7x behind afterlife and I won't see you tonight part 1. Definitely the best song on nightmare, though save me and lost it all are at its heels.

5 Welcome to the Family

This song seems to be extremely underrated. The drums in the intro, the riffs, the solos, lyrics... This is a masterpiece that doesn't get the credit it really deserves. - ThatStrangeKid42

The lyrics are awesome and the guitar makes me want to smash everything in my room and punch holes in the wall.

Best metal song ever, kick-ass guitar riff, great vocal and mind-blowing drums intro.
What else can I say? Just vote for it.

MY - FAVORITE- all time Avenged Sevenfold SONG! IT MEANS so MUCH TO ME AND if you understand the lyrics... Its very relatable

6 Natural Born Killer

LOVE THIS SONG so MUCH! M. Shadows is absolutely amazing. I consider this song as one of their best songs but still it could be even greater if it contained Matt's lovely screams.

has a very fast intro, solid verses, a beautiful chorus, and a catchy beat. all these things make natural born killer one of their bests

I love the the riff that the song has and the solo is amazing

Should be way higher, such a good song, and the solo is so good too. Definitely one of their best.

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7 God Hates Us

Please listen to this song more carefully this song is not for the little kids. If you like this song you can create a song

Just close your eyes and hate anyone that hurts you and then listen to this song. He said he hates us all

Heaviest Avenged Song To Date

So heavy. Should be top 3, probably #2 after Nightmare - turnpikefan2017

8 Fiction

The song is criminally undermined

This is one of the best Avenged Sevenfold song, the rev once again proved that he was the greatest personality on earth by writing the beautiful lyric's for this song and the feel in this song is just awesome, R.I. P James Owen Sullivan. :(

While I think the album is so awesome that it is entirely impossible to even pick a favorite song from it (it changes day to day for me), well today this is it- it is one of the best for sure on the album, it so emotional. And it is #10? - cowboyskid2

Most people will find this song annoying at first but after a few listens you start to feel this having a goodbye letter from the rev. Absolutely a beautiful song, they have played this song twice live and both times I had goosebumps. One of the best songs Rev has ever written hands down

9 Victim

Personally I think this song has the best lyrics, even better than So Far Away. This song is sadly underrated in my opinion.

So underrated.

The most underrated a7x song.

Along with clairvoyant disease and shattered by broken dreams, the most underrated A7x song.

10 Danger Line

It begins cool, continues great and finishes epic. After the second chorus, as it has been said before, the song gets amazing. The piano part is awesome and ends with one of the most emotional A7x solos. One of their best songs, not only in the album, overall.

Best nightmare song

Great chorus, shredding guitar, cool beat, emotional ending. just kicks ass overall, great tribute to the troops

The part after the second chorus is easily the best part in the album, and has the best secundary voices of all Avenged Sevenfold, that, plus a piano breakdown makes this a masterpiece.


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11 Tonight the World Dies

He sings the title and the guitar right there is so juicy

Every album has it; the underrated song that no one knows about. But I must say that this is Shadow's greatest vocal performance he's ever done.

Honestly this is such an underrated song, the vocals give me goosebumps to the extreme, it's such a great song.

Why on earth is this almost in last. The vocals in the song can't be beat by any other on this album. This song is my 3rd favorite on the album and I'm very disappointed to see a bunch of freaks underrate this amazing song so much

12 Lost It All

Best song on Nightmare followed by Buried Alive

13 4.00 Am

Really cool song that should have made it on the album!

14 Desecrate Through Reverence

Not sure who had the big idea to put this here. Probably the same person who put Nightmare at #1

This is on walken the fallen but still an epic song

Nothing to do here

Nothing to do here

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