Best Songs from Avenged Sevenfold's the Stage


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1 The Stage

Deserves to be where it is on the list. Amazing song by a band that I was indifferent towards for a long time after City of Evil.

I would say, that there's no one best song, cause every song is equally amazing. - Fkvengeance

A7x's showed their true class with this song. This was undoubtedly the best song of that year.

Best of the rest.

2 Exist

This song will get carved in mankind, even after 100 years, I'm sure of that. - Fkvengeance

This song is simply a masterpiece.. I can't decide which one's better, Save Me or Exist.. They both get my No. 1 favorite song from A7X..

Their ‘One’ so to speak

Reminds me of Dream Theater

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3 God Damn

Man love that acoustic guitar part after the solo - No form of payment, no pot of gold will satisfy the debt of what he's owed
Spilling from the houses in a trance the children lined up on the road
Cursing at the piper as he lured your kids away
And led them to the river for what was their final day
No need for convincing on his pipe he played a song to fool them all
Fooled them all

And brooks drum part after that is heaven - Fkvengeance


I Can't Listen To This Song Without Thrashing

Fast and intense, what can I say more? - Olive855

4 Roman Sky

A musical and lyrical masterpiece, best song on the album by far in my opinion.

This slow song is beautiful with a great sound of the solo guitar - Olive855

5 Paradigm

I love the chorus

I think this is the only song that mate scream in it! and also this song is very nice

How this isn't on top or at least top 3 is ridiculous. It has everything classic A7X has. Amazing guitar's from Syn and Zacky, awesome drymming from Brooks and it also features Shadows' scream from STST and what. - SammyS20

6 Higher

Incredible Song. It has depth and a story within the song. The Solos are incredible and sound amazing. The Chorus is also pretty amazing and the song is really a just complete package. Definitely my favorite song off "The Stage".

Higher should be higher - SamShadows

This song will be higher in the rank with my vote


7 Sunny Disposition

Reminds me of streets from the STST days

8 Creating God

Great song, am I the only one that feels a Faith no More influence on this song?

How is this in 7th I love the drums in this song!

9 Angels

Yeees I agree jest beautiful!

Underrated song! Every songs from The Stage are amazing, even if Fermi Paradox is my least favorite of them

Won’t you simply speak my name

10 Fermi Paradox

I love this song because most of the others are crap. The only good songs that came from this album were Fermi Paradox, The Stage, Sunny Disposition, Exist and Creating God

Why does nobody else like this song - imabigpotato

The guitar solo is so good

It's a shame seing this in 10th.. It should at least be in 3rd! The beautiful solo, fast riffs between the verses and chourses, the harmony in the song, and not to mention the lyrics! - jorgen_ric

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11 Simulation

Seriously an amazing progressive song! - Fkvengeance

Didn't like this song at first but now it's grown on me. From the qualm easy-listening verses to the intense raging choruses, this song is definitely a trip! - XakAtakk

, what a massive song! The Chorus just punches you in the face and it is awesome!

What the f is wrong with you people this song is amazing better than all the songs in the album except the stage and exist

12 Runaway

Want more of zacky's vocals! - Fkvengeance

Love Zakcy's vocals. Just an amazing cover!

13 Dose
14 Malagueña Salerosa
15 As Tears Go By
16 Wish You Were Here

Why is the sample the Original (and Far Superior) Song by Pink Floyd? - christangrant

When your favourite band covers the song from your favourite band

17 Retrovertigo

This cover is very amazing, it gives an avengedeerie feeling! - Fkvengeance

18 God Only Knows
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