Top Ten Songs for Baby Boomers

Songs that have become timeless treasures, decade by decade during this baby boomer's life.

The Top Ten

1 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Hard to pick just one by Hank Williams, but this is indeed one of the greats.

late, great Hank Williams at his best -

2 At Last

This as proven to be a song that has been popular through the years especially at weddings.

3 Crazy

Voice as clear as a bell-the late Patsy Cline -

4 Imagine

Quest for Peace-the late John Lennon -

5 Love Me Tender

Sung by one of the greatest entertainers of all time- the late Elvis Presley -

6 Stairway to Heaven

Untouchable during their eleven year reign- the great Led Zepplin -

7 Free Bird

The Southern Rock Anthem by Lynard Skynard -

8 Thriller

one of, if not the best selling album of all time, title song by the late Michael Jackson -

Another great Michael Jackson endeavor.

Michael A. Phillips
Old Boomer

9 I Will Always Love You

first sung by Dolly Parton, revised and brought to the big screen in "The BodyGuard" by Whitney Houston -

10 Always and Forever - Heatwave
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