Top 10 Songs from the Beatles Help! With a Word Replaced With "Bacon Sandwich"


The Top Ten

1 You've Got to Hide Your Bacon Sandwich Away (You've Got to Hide Your Love Away)

You better hide it away Pos' before I eat it - CerealGuy

And you'll find it has been hidden under acidic digestive conditions, to the point of it not being called a bacon sandwich at all. - PositronWildhawk

Sorry, I took it Pos. - Turkeyasylum

2 The Bacon Sandwich Before (The Night Before)
3 Bacon Sandwich! (Help!)

Bacon Sandwich! I need somebody! BACON SANDWICH! Not just anybody! BACON SANDWICH! You know I need someone! BACON SANDWICH! - MontyPython

Intriguing Title. Imagine the lyrics. - Nebular65

He died from bacon
*Sad airhorn*
RIP - CerealGuy

4 I Need Bacon Sandwich (I Need You)
5 Another Bacon Sandwich (Another Girl)
6 You Bacon Sandwich Me Too Much (You Like Me Too Much)

I prefer You Like Bacon Sandwich Too Much - RockAndSoul

Did I give ye grease? - CerealGuy

7 I've Just Seen a Bacon Sandwich (I've Just Seen a Face)

No it is a dream,the bacon quest is long to go - CerealGuy

8 It's Only Bacon Sandwich (It's Only Love)
9 Ticket to Bacon Sandwich (Ticket to Ride)
10 You're Going to Lose That Bacon Sandwich (You're Going to Lose That Girl)

And I am going to eat it before you do Pos' - CerealGuy

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