Pony Reviews #4: Please Please Me by The Beatles

Finally, after several months of absence, I am back. What better way to celebrate than with a review of all the Beatles albums! So, to commemorate my triumphant return to this awesome website, I am going to start with their very first album, Please Please Me, released on March 22, 1963. Despite being recorded in only a day, the record has stood the test of time and has become a stepping stone in rock and roll history. The Fab Four probably would not have been where they were if it wasn't for this album. So yeah, it's an important album. But is that an overstatement? Today I am going to review this album to see if it truly deserves it's place in history. Does Please Please Me offer something that will last the ages, or is it an album that dignifies the outdated sounds of the early 1960's? I'm Pony, and this is my review of Please Please Me.

1. I Saw Her Standing There- 8.75/10 The song that started it all. It has a catchy guitar riff, a great vocal performance by Paul McCartney, and an overall infectious feel throughout the whole track.
2. Misery- 8/10 This song is under two minutes, but it is a good song. I like the vocal harmonies between Lennon and McCartney. The guitars are nice and relaxing, too. The piano is a nice touch. Other than that, there is not much too say about this one, but it's a good song.
3.Anna (Go To Him)- 8.5/10 This is one of the earlier classics. John Lennon gives a great performance on this track as the guitars give a nice, romantic vibe to them. A precursor to their later love songs, it is one of those songs that is just irresistible. Overall a great song.
4. Chains- 8.25/10 This is the first George Harrison song from The Beatles, and it's not too shabby. John Lennon's harmonica is the best part of this cover, as George sings whimsically away. The guitars have this carefree and happy vibe to them, and it's great. When this album came out, George himself was merely 20 years old. This song is a great start for him, and if you like this song, just wait until his later songs.
5. Boys- 8/10 And now we have Ringo's first song, which is a cover of a Shirrelles song. The lyrics were changed to make it from a boy's perspective, unlike the original. While Ringo was the least talented singer according to the band, he still sounds great in my opinion. The song is just your average early Sixties rock'n'roller. Not much to say here, but it's a playful, happy tune that would sound great if Elvis covered it.
6. Ask Me Why- 8/10 A very good song. John Lennon is great on this track, giving excellent vocals while he strums his guitar peacefully. I like this song a lot more when I first heard it; for some reason I thought it was a little cheesy. But this song isn't cheesy; it's a peaceful ballad that works well with the album.
7. Please Please Me- 8.5/10 One of their earliest hits. The harmonica and guitar in unison is very pleasing to the ear, and so are the harmonies between Paul and John. Other than that, that's all to the song. But it's a nice end to the first side, and a fitting title track.
8. Love Me Do- 7.75/10 The Beatles' first ever single released (all the way back to 1962), it's a rather lightweight tune. The harmonica, once again, is nice, but that's the only unique part of the track. The guitars are very, very simplistic (and so are the lyrics), and the song is repetitive. But I'll cut it some slack, because it was one of their first recorded songs and this was when they were still very young. Still, it's a good song.
9. P.S. I Love You- 7.5/10 Perhaps the least unique song of the whole album. Paul McCartney gives a very solid performance as vocalist, and the guitars are pretty good, but other than that, it's repetitive and simplistic just like Love Me Do. However, at least the previous track had the harmonica. It's not terribly long, so it's still very, very passable. Overall, a decent song.
10. Baby It's You- 8.25/10 A very soft song with a slow vibe. The song is better than the last two because once again, John Lennon gives a very good performance. The guitars sound nice, and the backing vocals of sha-la-la-la are a nice touch. I like this song a lot, and it's one of the better tracks off the album.
11. Do You Want To Know A Secret- 7.5/10 George Harrison's other song off this album. This song is good, because it has a good vibe and the guitars are once again, very nice. It really has nothing else except for really cool backing vocals (doo-dah-doo). i just like them a lot for some reason. Also repetitive, but the song itself is good enough to be enjoyed without your mind going insane after playing it 500 times in a row, at least in my opinion.
12. A Taste Of Honey- 9/10 An underrated track, in my opinion. Paul's vocals are fantastic, and the guitars almost have this sense of sorrow to them. It's hard to explain, but it almost sounds like the song has this sad tone to them. It's great, and it's even more surprising that this is a cover. While it's not the best cover on the album, it left a lasting impression on me,
13. There's A Place- 8.75/10 Another enjoyable song that features the harmonies between John and Paul. The guitars are nice and fresh, and the drum beat is catchy fun. It's a very sweet song, and it doesn't last that long either. Lastly, there's the harmonica again, and it is the sadly the last time we'll see it on this album. Overall, a great song.
14. Twist And Shout- 9.5/10 Easily the best and most iconic song on the album. As we all know, John Lennon had a cold. He strained his vocals out, and it left a great effect. His riveting performance shows his greatness very early on in The Beatles' career. Also, did I mention the rhythm section is very groovy and enjoyable???


This album proves itself as a timeless album that STILL sounds fresh to this day. While the songs sometimes are repetitive, the harmonizing vocals, nice guitar work, and that harmonica make it up for this album. The Beatles proved themselves to be the next boy act of the decade, and with the help of this album, they succeeded in doing that. Overall, it's a pleasing record, and I recommend it for those who like 60s boy bands, or for those starting The Beatles. I'm Pony, and this has been my review of Please Please Me by The Beatles.