Best Songs From The Beatles' Rubber Soul


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1 In My Life

First of all with this particular album the question should be... which song do you like the least? (For the record, Run For Your Life) Musically the songs are all spectacular. Desert island disc for sure.

This is the one song that was in dispute as to who the principle author was. Lennon claimed he wrote the song with some help from McCartney, who claims he wrote the music. 'Life' certainly feels like Lennon wrote the lyrics and McCartney wrote the music.

And the reason Lennon probably wrote most of the lyrics is, again, he was in a confessional mode (Listening to Bob Dylan prodded him).

Paul's style was not to write straight from the heart. For Lennon this was a continuation, starting with the song, Help, of being open with his feelings.

A lovely song full reflective moments and with a more mature Lennon crafting those words so well. - mgenet

The song has a lovely, memorable melody and represents Lennon at his most wistful and reflective. It represents the emotional core of an album that holds up as the Beatles' deepest, simply because all the songs pack in so much feeling.

I know- this is just amazing, it's really touching and you can tell the Beatles put a lot of work into this one.

This one is up for "best Song ever written"! Absolute perfection

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2 Nowhere Man

Although in my life is the softest and the prettiest of this album, nowhere man also touches me every time I listen to it... Nowhere man, don't worry, take your time, don't hurry... It's the greatest in my humble opinion)

A very touching song that you can go back and listen to in dim times. It is a song that you can lie down and just listen to. Artistic, amazing, a masterpiece, the Beatles are truly in their own league

Nowhere Man is the most beautiful song of this album and in general one of the most beautiful Beatles songs! It's so touching and poignant.

Thoughtfully incredible.

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3 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

Totally agree with littlestar. Two amazing (mainly) Lennon songs definitely on the ball on Rubber soul. Same as mine this top 5 except I would swap michelle for I'm looking through you

The sitar in the beginning was genius and the flow it starts is great. Their lyrics as usual are amazing and this by far my favorite or at least one of my favorites on this album

It is between this and In My Life for best song. I love the story. - LITTLESTAR

Best song in rubber soul

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4 I'm Looking Through You

This song is great and deserves more recognition. Definitely my #1

Definitely the best, in mono it's awesome

Paul's vocals stand out greatly in this song.

Yass a great song

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5 Drive My Car

That Bass... It's so awesome

What a fabulous song I have heard it! This song must rank it the fourth greatest track of the Rubber Soul album.

Beep Beep, Beep Beep, Yeah!

Ugh, this might be the only beatles song I utterly dispise - RecklessGreed

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6 Girl

No doubt it's the best song on the album.
It should be higher on the list.
Number 1 for me.

I adore this album, but this song stands out to me. I love the chorus, it has nice guitar work, and an overall cool vibe. - Pony

Melancholy at its absolute best.

best one

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7 Michelle

First Beatles song I have cried to

One of my favorite all time beatles songs.

This should be way up - Leofeldman91


8 You Won't See Me

Totally overlooked. I think this is one of the best Beatles songs period.

This is my favorite song by The Beatles. It's so underrated. It's such a beautiful song!

Great melody and I love the vocals!
'I wouldn't mind if I knew what I was missin'!

9 If I Needed Someone

This song should be above Michelle. One of George's finest hits.

Such a beautiful and underrated song

Harrison on lead is perfect and so harmonious with Lennon and McCartney in the backround.

10 Think for Yourself

Oh my God I love In my life but this one is so good!

Harrison really kills this track!

Ahead of its time.

Oh yeah this track is great and menacing

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11 Wait

I actually like this song a lot, it's quite underrated.

12 The Word

Very underrated

Superb song. The vocal performance is utterly astonishing.

The Beatles in unison here. Just perfect.


13 Run for Your Life

A rocking' little number that deserves a higher's pure Lennon

Underrated though every song on this album is incredible

Musically this song is excellent, its just that the lyrics [written in 1964-65] are very politically incorrect today.

14 What Goes On

Great song, not my favorite on the album, just votes for it because it’s last.

15 I've Just Seen a Face

Out of place

In the U.K. - It's on Help!
In the U.S. - It's on Rubber Soul - westofohio

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