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21 Thriller - Michael Jackson
22 Let It Go - Frozen

Of course it's here it's everywhere but I like Frozen! - Untildawn8

Do you wanna build a wall?

23 Shooting Stars - Bag Raiders

One of the best memes of 2016. We actually did a video contest at my school last year where we several groups had to make a music video and we used this song for part of it and even did video editing to make it look like the protagonist was floating through space.

This was never funny - ChefSkinner

24 The X - Files Theme

Illuminati Confirmed - christangrant


25 How Could This Happen to Me - Simple Plan

How could this happen to be at no. 18!


26 Panda - Desiigner
27 Fuel - Metallica

Gimme Food, Gimme Fries, Gimme Salad on the Side - christangrant


28 I Am Very Glad, as I'm Finally Returning Back Home - Eduard Khil

Better known as the Trololol song - admit it, this always goes through our heads whenever we see Rae Sremmurd on good music lists. - Entranced98

29 Gangnam Style - Psy
30 You are a Pirate - Lazytown
31 Treasure - Bruno Mars
32 Friday - Rebecca Black

No - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

33 Chocolate Rain - Tay Zonday

Chocolate Rain, This Song's now appeared on TheTopTens.

34 U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer

Can't touch this - kazan

35 Mr. Brightside - Killers
36 Tunak Tunak Tun - Daler Mehndi
37 Blank Space - Taylor Swift

Oh the memes!

38 In the End - Linkin Park

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn't even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn't even matter - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

39 Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

I walk a lonely road, because everyone else fell off - SoldierOfFortune

I don't recall this song becoming a meme.

I don't think this is a meme. - RalphBob

Wait this was a meme? I saw it in a couple of Vines, and iFunnies, but I don't recall it actually being a meme. - ProPanda

40 Running in the 90s - Max Coveri

Initial D son! - Granton8ter05

Running in the nineties, is a new way I like to be.
I'm just running in the nineties, come on baby run to me.
We are running in the nineties,is a new way to set me free.
I'm just running in the nineties.
Yes I wanna know, yes I wanna see. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

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