Top 10 Songs With the Best Drum Solos

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21 Soul Sacrifice - Santana

This kid is beating the hell out of these drums the entire song but when he gets to his solo, he takes it to another level!

Mike Shrieve on drums and Jose Areas just nailed it on this one! This is my favorite of all time.

Ranked too low
once in a life time

22 Tank - Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Oh, sorry didn't see this one! Number 1 for me

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23 Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who

This solo may not be very fast like many others. But personally I like this solo. It's got the best sound. - zxm

Come On People No love for the guys who can never have any substitutes?

It's not bad, keith moon after all...

24 The Mule - Deep Purple

The live version on Made in Japan has a spectacular drum solo around 5 minutes long.

Absolutely fantastic! Ian Paice is a master!

How can it be it's not on the top?!
It's the best drum solo ever.
Since I heard it I became drums fun!

25 Time - Pink Floyd

One of the best intros/drum solos of all time.

26 Sweet Child O'Mine - Guns N Roses
27 Rope - Foo Fighters
28 Forty Six & 2 - Tool

The very best drum solo by the very best drummer

Why is this one not among the first 5?

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29 Stargazer - Rainbow

My mind if blown that this is not in the top 10! Look this song up and listen to the intro. That's the drum solo. It's an 11 second long blistering, adrenaline filled excellence in drumming execution by Cozy Powell. A great start to a masterpiece of a song!

30 Hangar 18 - Megadeth
31 The Perfect Drug - Nine Inch Nails
32 Kurenai - X Japan
33 Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold V 2 Comments
34 Carry On - Avenged Sevenfold V 3 Comments
35 Darkness Surrounding - Avenged Sevenfold

Forget the screamo vocals, just listen to the Rev's solo!

This is a best songs list not a worst songs list

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36 My Generation - Limp Bizkit

John Otto at his best!

37 Dharma for One - Jethro Tull

Clive Bunker is like the unknown great drummer of the era. Great hands!

38 100,000 Years - Kiss
39 November Rain - Guns N Roses
40 Gotta Be Somebody - Nickelback

The greatest band of all time..

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