Top 10 Songs With the Best Drum Solos

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41 Radar Love - Golden Earring

Simply the best! Did you ever see this drummer flip over his drums at the end off this song?

Best kept dutch secret cesar is just amazing still the best drumsolo ever really underestimated should be number one

42 Longview - Green Day
43 Suicide & Redemption - Metallica

If you want to hear a really good drum solo by Metallica then listen to the beginning of the song motorbreath.

44 Blinded In Chains - Avenged Sevenfold
45 A Song for the Dead - Queens of the Stone Age
46 Dharma for One - Jethro Tull
47 Karn Evil 9 - Emerson Lake & Palmer

Though it didn't feature in the original studio recording of 1st Impressions, Pt. 2, But Palmer's almost 5 minute long solo played live at California Jam is undoubtedly the best of all time - FredTheGooner

48 T.N.U.C. - Grand Funk Railroad
49 Ticks and Leeches - Tool
50 Hocus Pocus - Focus

Fantastic bursts of precision drumming in a fantastic track from the early 70's.

Deserves a high rating- just not quite up to Bonham/Peart/Moon/Baker standards!

51 Metropolis, Pt. 1 - Dream Theater
52 All Nightmare Long - Metallica

This song has or if the best drum pieces Lars ulrich has ever written

53 Dread and the Fugitive Mind - Megadeth
54 Happy Jack - The Who

Keith never really did a true drum "solo", though this is a good example of his awesome touch and technique. Easily one of the top ten rock drummers of all time and my personal favorite. I believe he was the finest natural drummer I have ever heard. Just wish he took it all more seriously- but that's the madman for you!

Keith Moon is the greatest drummer ever

55 Where Eagles Dare - Iron Maiden
56 A Little Piece of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold
57 I'm Losing You - The Faces
58 I'm a Man - Chicago Transit Authority
59 21st Century Schizoid Man - King Crimson

Incredible musicians skill. The best is not for all, people is always serching for commercial mediocrity...

60 Thick As a Brick, Pt. 2 - Jethro Tull

One of the best of all time, Barlow's insane speed delivers a breathtaking solo - FredTheGooner

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