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241 Where Is the Love? - Black Eyed Peas

This has to be number one, this is the most beautiful one about peace

Brillient commentary and criticism of... Well, the world, really. Mostly the lack of love and care within America. - Maplestrip

242 The Message from Dr. Light - The Megas
243 Blank Space - Taylor Swift

I'm disappointed by the ranking of Blank Space... It should be in the Top Ten! The lyrics are so awesome that I have no words to express how good it is... Where are the Swifties?!

Such an awesome song! It should be so much higher!

Blank Space cause it won in the category "Best Lyrics" at the iheart radio awards in 2015

244 The a Team - Ed Sheeran

This song is quite a beautiful song with a sketchy meaning. Ed Sheeran somehow brought these two elements together perfectly.

"It's too cold outside for angels to fly."
I don't know about anyone here but that's certainly beautiful.

245 The Monster - Eminem

I wrote a song called "Alter Ego" and it focused on the same subject of rethinking what I did in the past. - MusicMovieMinecraftMe

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246 Two Suns In the Sunset - Pink Floyd

Makes me cry every time I hear it. "Looks like the human race is run."

The most powerful lyrics I've ever heard EVER. END OF STORY

247 Stitches - Shawn Mendes

I thought that I'd been hurt before
But no one's ever left me quite this sore
Your words cut deeper than a knife
Now I need someone to breathe me back to life

Got a feeling that I'm going under
But I know that I'll make it out alive
If I quit calling you my lover
Move on

You watch me bleed until I can't breathe
Shaking, falling onto my knees
And now that I'm without your kisses
I'll be needing stitches
Tripping over myself
Aching, begging you to come help
And now that I'm without your kisses
I'll be needing stitches

Best teen pop song ever with the best lyrics! Oh gee, I love Shawn. He is too handsome... - DynastiSugarPop

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248 Dead Boy's Poem - Nightwish

This song is actually what made me learn piano. It also inspired me to write song lyric's like Tuomas Holopainen's. I cannot believe this song is so low. There is absolutely nothing better. Have you not heard those lyrics? It's talking about death and how people, when they die, cannot ask for more or give their loved ones more. It's so amazing I cannot take my headphones off when listening to this.

My favorite song in the world. All right, maybe Nightwish goes a little heavy with the dead boy stuff, but a masterful mix of slow and heavy at the same time.

249 Strange Fruit - Billie Holiday
250 Piano Man - Billy Joel
251 A Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall - Bob Dylan
252 Something - Beatles
253 Body Say - Demi Lovato
254 Ride - Twenty One Pilots


255 God's Child (Baila Conmigo) - Selena
256 Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground - The White Stripes
257 She's My Kind of Rain - Tim McGraw
258 The Dance - Garth Brooks

This song can be about anything really life, love or even death

259 Wild Dances - Ruslana
260 The Other Side of the World - KT Tunstall
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