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261 How Soon is Now? - The Smiths

So deeply fascinating lyrics.

262 Dust in the Wind - Kansas

Best lyrics. Really deep about life. This should be at least at the top 5
"All we are is dust in the wind"

263 Fix You - Coldplay V 1 Comment
264 The Bad Touch - Bloodhound Gang

You and me, baby, ain't nothing but mammals, so let's do it like they do it on Discovery Channel.
Certainly of a different quality than the other songs on this list, but still sonewhat clever and allusion-laden.

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265 Can You Feel My Heart - Bring Me the Horizon

Can you hear the silence
Can you see the dark?
Can you fix the broken
Can you feel, can you feel my heart?

I'm scared to get close, I hate being alone
I long for that feeling to not feel at all
The higher I get, the lower I sink
I can't drown my demons they know how to swim

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266 Working Class Hero - John Lennon

Ridiculously low on list!

267 Demons - Imagine Dragons
268 Lithium - Nirvana

This song sound so happy but is really sad

269 Space Oddity - David Bowie
270 Don't Stop Me Now - Queen V 1 Comment
271 Bastille Day - Rush
272 Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) - Beyonce

I love this song! I am going to do a cover someday! It is so amazing. I love it so much! Way better than "Stitches" by Shawn Mendes! :D - DynastiSugarPop

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273 The Poet and the Pendulum - Nightwish

The best song ever. I can't imagine life without this song. So masterful and full of different lyrics and tunes. Anyone who even remotely likes metal music should definitely try this song. It'll get you hooked on Nightwish forever. (By the way, Nightwish is the most brilliant band probably ever. And I'm not biased toward Nightwish.)

Beautiful song! NOthing better!

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274 Rosenrot - Rammstein
275 Take Me There - Blackstreet & Mya
276 Just We Two (Mona Lisa) - Modern Talking
277 Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits
278 Final Song - MØ
279 Crazy for You - Adele
280 House of the Rising Sun - The Animals
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