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141 Landslide - Fleetwood Mac
142 The Thunder Rolls - Garth Brooks

This is a great song

This song is da best song!

143 Sleeping Sun - Nightwish

I love Sleeping Sun. Not the best Nightwish song music-wise but lyric-wise this is amazing.

144 Keep Ya Head Up - 2Pac
145 Roundabout - Yes
146 Irreplaceable - Beyonce
147 Redemption Song - Bob Marley
148 God is Dead - Black Sabbath V 1 Comment
149 Thinking of You - Katy Perry
150 Nemo - Nightwish

Amazing song in both music and lyrics. Beautiful. Couldn't live without Nemo. Or Nightwish for that matter.

151 Nightswimming - Rem
152 Bless the Child - Nightwish

Bless the Child is like a cure for sickness. You become happy and sad at the same time, but it makes you feel better all the same.

153 Unforgivable Youth - Lupe Fiasco
154 The Blackest Day - Lana Del Rey
155 Swan Song - Lana Del Rey
156 I'm a Ruin - Marina and the Diamonds
157 Arrab Kaman - Tamer Hosny
158 Mr. Tambourine Man - Bob Dylan

MJ is overrated, he was entertaining but come on really you think those are the best lyrics. Bob Dylan's Blowin in the wind is the most amazing song but if I would have voted for that you would never see the comment because your taste in music is so bad you think MJ's lyrics are number one

Their is no way in hell why Bob Dylan should be fourth in this list, bob dylan might have sucked at singing but he is one of the greatest song writers of all time, wait let me rephrase that, he is the greatest song writer of all time, and for all you Jimi Hendrix fans that like him just because he's overrated and number one guitarist on every web site, he used a couple of bob dylans songs because compared to bob dylan Jimi Hendrix sucked - tssumner

Though I know that evening's empire has returned into sand
Vanished from my hand
Left me blindly here to stand but still not sleeping

My weariness amazes me, I am branded on my feet
I have no one to meet
And the ancient empty street's too dead for dreaming

This should be number 1!

'Bob Dylan might ave sucked a t singing'?!
He was a brilliant singer with an exceptional voice! That mixed with such beautiful lyrics and you know we've got a winner

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159 Rumors - Lindsay Lohan
160 Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Personally, one of the best and more iconic 90's songs. I wouldn't rate it lower than mid 25 in this list, it's full of meaning with smart rhymes and references. The song is mainly about the dark side of Hollywood and how the western industry "brainwashed" the world into thinking the only way to feel completed is fame. Pornography, plastic surgery, conspiracies and such. An awesome song, with a great tune and surprisingly deep lyrics about the Dark side of the Showbiz.

This song should be rated much higher. The meanings the song conveys are quick, to the point and snappy. It makes a lot of comparisons as well as references very intelligently. The song also has a lot of double meanings which helps to strengthen every line. You can listen to the song over and over and still discover new meaning with what it is trying to say.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are WAY TOO LOW on this list. They have some of the best lyrics I have ever heard, from albums like Stadium Arcadium and Californication. It's sad how lyrical genius is often forgotten by more popular and mainstream music, whose artists do not even write their own music, and have non-intellectual lyrics, but catchy music.

Should be rated mid 30's

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