Top Ten Songs Between Green Day and Blink-182


The Top Ten

1 Jesus of Suburbia

People always talk about how great "bohemian rhapsody" (sorry if I spelt that wrong, it's a weird name) is, Jesus Of Suburbia is better. I'd put up an argument but I'm not trying to win opinion, I don't feel like thinking of an argument, just listen to the two and decide for yourself. "Art is only art if I say it's art, it may be art to you, but I could never see the same as you while keeping my own identity. You can make me picture art in the way you picture it with your words, but then it wouldn't be art, would it." -I don't remember who said that - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

People talk about songs that touch you. But this controls you!

2 I Miss You

Pure perfection.

3 Boulevard of Broken Dreams

I love this song why the hell any blink song is higher than this, awesome finally shows a little maturity in Green Day not like 21st century but mature enough for most people to tolerate personally Green Day was a juvenile goofy pop punk band before American idiot which was an easy target but this song proved they can be mature

Although I don't agree that I miss you should be higher than this, it is still a great song and the best by blink-182 - Revrad

I agree with the first three... not so sure what happened

4 Holiday
5 21 Guns
6 Dammit
7 All the Small Things
8 Basket Case
9 Wake Me Up When September Ends
10 The Rock Show

The Contenders

11 What's My Age Again?
12 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
13 The Blow Job Song
14 Carousel

The best blink-182 song.

15 Whatsername

Why isn't this on the list?

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