Top Ten Best Songs Between Katy Perry, Little Mix and Lady Gaga


The Top Ten

1 Fingerprints
2 Just Dance

What a great song. The fame was the first album we got of lady Gaga and when we heard the music we were like I love lady Gaga. She is a really good singer. I do love Katy perry though. She has always been my favourite singer. I love her so much. She sings the best songs. Please comment! 😋😋😋👧🏻👯👰🏼👸🏼👼💇🙆🙌👄💋👃👀👂"🐤🐣🐻🐽🐷🐖 - 🐩🐶🐵🐼🐢🐉🙉🙈🐻🌷🌸🌺🍀🌻🍀🌿🌾💐🌼🍁🍂🍃🍄🌰🐂🐹🐭🐁🐀🐃🐄🐮🐅🐆🐯🐇🐰🐱🐈🐎'🐏🐑🐐""🐤🐣🐥🌄🌅🌈🌊🌋🌠⭐️🌟❄️💨⛅️☁️💧💦"️☀️🌙"⚡️🌎🌏🌑🌒"🌌 - - 🌐🌍🌍🌚🌝🌛🌜🌞🌘 - 🌖🌕""🌑🌑🌏 - Hollybrewer

3 Salute

The song is strong and powerful. It has a good message that girls are strong and powerful.

Sorry, but Lady Gaga is a piece of trash compared to Little Mix. Little Mix's songs are meaningful and catchy, their voices are AMAZING, their performances are surprising. Their dance choreographic are great! Every single thing from them seems to be a perfection. Sorry, but Little Mix is in a different level than Lady Gaga or Katy Perry especially that Salute is one of the best songs that came out from them! - xXLittleQueensXx

4 Self Inflicted
5 Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

I love the music dadadadadadadadadadadadadada cherry boom Gaga ha it is so cool. It is one of my favourites but some of them on top are my favourite still - Hollybrewer

6 Move
7 Black Magic


8 Love Me
9 Not Like the Movies
10 Teenage Dream

Scotty masters I love my girlfriend katy perry I what to hear
teenage dream on magic radio stations make me happy songs I say good
luck katy perry I love you

Scotty masters I love to hear teenage dream from katy perry on radio stations of 107.7
I know katy perry she was make me happy I what to playing it agin my life with you
katy perry good luck ps
love boyfriend scotty masters

The Contenders

11 Bad Romance
12 Love Game

Great song!

13 Word Up
14 Wings
15 Roar

Scotty masters I like that songs to hearing of roar on radio stations of
105.1 mix pop songs from katy perry is my

16 Poker Face

Why isn't this song higher? It's one of Gaga's best! - PandasNGaga

17 Beautiful Dirty Rich
18 Applause
19 Power

So crafty and good beat into this song

great song - 23MACCAja

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20 Pearl
21 Hey How Ya Doin
22 Little Me
23 Hummingbird Heartbeat
24 This Moment
25 Love Like You
26 You and I
27 Marry the Night
28 Edge of Glory
29 Lost
30 Dressin Up
31 Born This Way
32 Dna
33 Change Your Life
34 Make You Believe
35 Good Enough
36 If You Can Afford Me
37 Double Rainbow
38 By the Grace of God
39 It Takes Two
40 Boys Boys Boys
41 Money Honey
42 Monster
43 This Is How We Do
44 International Smile
45 Ghost
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