Top Ten Songs Between Pink Floyd and Guns N' Roses

The Top Ten
1 Sweet Child O' Mine Sweet Child O' Mine Cover Art
2 Comfortably Numb
3 Nightrain
4 November Rain November Rain Cover Art
5 Money
6 Brain Damage / Eclipse
7 Hey You

Woo-hoo I love this song

8 Welcome To the Jungle
9 Paradise City
10 Yesterdays

The Newcomers

? This I Love This I Love Cover Art
? You Could Be Mine You Could Be Mine Cover Art
The Contenders
11 Cirrus Minor Cirrus Minor Cover Art
12 You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory Cover Art
13 Don't Cry Don't Cry Cover Art
14 Not Now John Not Now John Cover Art
15 Louder Than Words Louder Than Words Cover Art
16 Flaming Flaming Cover Art
17 Corporal Clegg Corporal Clegg Cover Art
18 The Last Few Bricks The Last Few Bricks Cover Art
19 Move to the City Move to the City Cover Art
20 Hard Skool Hard Skool Cover Art
21 Shadow of Your Love Shadow of Your Love Cover Art
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