Best Songs On Beyonce's Lemonade

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1 Freedom

Love the "let me try" sample - eqwdasf

Love it - 23MACCAja

2 6 Inch

The best song! Beyonce AND the Weeknd?! What a winning combination!

The part where she sings '6 inch Heel's ' in a low voice is just so beautiful

This song is fire! I love it - JaysTop10List

Stars in her eyes

3 Formation

Really powerful song. Whenever I listen to it I feel adrenaline inside of myself. I love this song. In my opinion this song must be at least top three

Sorry but this is the weakest of the full length songs on the album, beyond Beyonce's slay dance choreography to this song there isn't anything remarkable about the song - germshep24

I like that song. Beyonce has amazing dance moves and I also like the music video.

This song has a very strong message

4 Hold Up

And it only took 15 people to write it - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

Love in this song a - Joaopuffle1

@Bboymakinwiththefrekfreak So?.

5 All Night

All night is the best one. This song is what the whole album is about.

Love this song. Its like a lullaby - ModeEH

This song is an audio orgasm

I have S3X ALL NIGHT>>>>>>>>YEET

6 Sandcastles

Supposed to be #1 it is so emotional

The minimalistic piano accompanied by her raw, hurt emotions are spectacular. I love the metaphors on here

Beyoncé's vocals on this one are extraordinary. The simple piano really allows her voice and her emotions to shine, and the lyrics are great, too.

7 Daddy Lessons

This and Hold Up are really the only songs I like from this album. The rest are either boring or annoying. - MistyMay113

This song will live for decades to come.

8 Sorry

oh yeah

I so love Beyonce. I love this song and almost this whole entire album. The only song that I'm not sure about is Sandcastles. But I love
Pray You Catch Me
Don't Hurt Yourself
All Night
Love Drought
Hold Up
Daddy's Lessons
6 Inch
And Sorry

9 Don't Hurt Yourself

This song is amazing especially when she do the scream or what's it's called

She's slaying.

I like this song because it is powaful!


10 Pray You Catch Me

Definitely the best from the whole album in my opinion, whoever decided to begin the album with this one! imean...!

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11 Love Drought

Love drought is a very perceptive song. It has a strong meaning about how two people's love can be so powerful but the message is very unusual and strange at the same time. I love it!

Are you serious this is a very beautiful song, better than formation and Daddy Lessons - germshep24

This songgg

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