Best Songs On Beyond the Black's Lost In Forever

Beyond The Black is a German Symphonic Metal band formed in 2014. They have two full-lenght albums (as of May 2016) - Songs Of Love And Death and Lost In Forever. This list's purpose is to determine the best songs on their second album, Lost In Forever.

The Top Ten

1 Written In Blood

Haunting vocals at the intro, turns heavier then, and the chorus is absolutely great - with every line Jennifer sings, the guitar adds power and energy. It was hard to pick between this and Lost In Forever for #1, but I had to go with this. - Elina

2 Lost In Forever

Fast-paced song with amazing intro and catchy chorus. My first BTB song, by the way. - Elina

3 Halo Of The Dark

When the song starts, it sounds like a ballad. Then it turns heavier, common in BTB songs. It is also a great vocal performance by Jennifer. - Elina

4 Beyond The Mirror

When first listening to the song, I throught it was forgettable. Upon closer listening, it has a nice chorus and lyrics. In fact, it is growing on me with every listen. - Elina

5 Heaven And Hell

The intro and verses are just great. - Elina

6 Dies Irae

Awesome melody and faster tempo. - Elina

7 Burning In Flames

The pre-chorus and bridge have great vocal performances. - Elina

8 Forget My Name

The bridge gives this a top ten spot, even though I think this deserves higher, there is better. - Elina

9 Beautiful Lies

Well that's a beautiful ballad about heartbreak. Nothing that much to say there. - Elina

10 Love's A Burden

Nice ballad and works well as a closing track. - Elina

The Contenders

11 Shine and Shade
12 Nevermore
13 Against the World
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