Best Songs On Beyond the Black's Songs of Love and Death

Beyond The Black is a German Symphonic Metal band formed in 2014. They have two full-lenght albums (as of May 2016) - Songs Of Love And Death and Lost In Forever. This list's purpose is to determine the best songs on their debut album, Songs Of Love And Death.

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1 In the Shadows

The opener track to Beyond The Black's debut album is the best song on it - the bass intro, the catchy and memorable melody, Jennifer's powerful voice, the explosive chorus, the inspiring lyrics - In The Shadows has it all. It became my favourite instantly. - Elina

Well this is the only song I know that came from them. Good thing Spotify has a playlist for metal with female vocals. Anyway, great list!

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2 Songs of Love and Death

The title track starts out soft and that's when the guitars come in, and then it returns to the same melody, only heavier than in the intro. But my favourite part is the vocals - Jennifer's voice adds a dark feel to the song. - Elina

3 Hallelujah

Another song that starts out soft and turns heavy. Energetic song, with a good melody. - Elina

4 Unbroken

Unbroken is a ballad that starts with a piano melody and Jennifer shows that she can sound beautiful and emotional too. Then the guitars add power to the second and third choruses. - Elina

5 Fall Into the Flames

This would have worked great as a closing track. It has this slightly melancholic feel and that shows itself especially in the chorus. - Elina

6 Running to the Edge

This is so catchy and upbeat, I can't help but love it. The chorus is awesome in it's energy too. - Elina

7 Drowning In Darkness

This is an amazing vocal performance by Jennifer. The emotion during the chorus... - Elina

8 Numb

I love the way Jennifer sings the line "Let me go numb". Her stripped back vocals that turn into belting - it is one of her best vocal performances. So much emotion and energy... - Elina

9 When Angels Fall

The song starts out great with a mini solo, and I love the imposing sound of this. My only problem is the repetivity of the lyrics, the line "When angels fall" is sung too many times. But that feels like a minor detail considering how good everything else is. - Elina

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11 Pearl in a World of Dirt
12 Afraid of the Dark
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1. In the Shadows
2. Songs of Love and Death
3. Hallelujah
1. In the Shadows
2. Songs of Love and Death
3. Unbroken



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