Best Songs On Big Time Rush's 24/Seven

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1 24/Seven

I love this song so much I like listening to it when I'm on a holiday or when I go on a cruise

I love it, the best song of the new album.

Is so good I can listen to it the day without getting board

Live your life 24/seven

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2 Run Wild

I love the way james sings

This song is great I love the way they sing they should be the best band ever well they are.

Another great James solo song... He is my favorite! Great song live and on the album


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3 Like Nobody's Around

That was so good where do you live

This song is a catchy song I wish I could meet him. L♥ you

4 Confetti Falling

Crazy love you! Yay! I been to your concert in June 21,2013 and on poster I had Logan
Henderson sticker on it and I was wearing a big time rush and I love your songs

so lit!

5 Song for You

This is my favourite song from this album!

Big time rush are the best

6 Picture This

Best song on 24/7 album! - ashleymcd96

7 Crazy for U
8 We Are

A song who says to us the history of Big Time Rush deserves to be at the first place.

This is my favorite song on 24/7!

Makes me burst to tears each time I listen to it! Defidently the best song on the album

9 Get Up
10 Amazing

I'm your girl that you have a
Crush on me is amazing
When you singing
Love you a lot
As a boyfriends. And maybe friends
Love ya

This song is amazing like this title song

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11 Untouchable

My favorite song on the deluxe version!

This is AWESOME! (Nathan M! )

12 Na Na Na

This song is great. Carlos did a good job in writing it.

13 Love Me Again
14 Lost In Love
15 Just Getting Started
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1. We Are
2. Confetti Falling
3. 24/Seven
1. 24/Seven
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