Top Ten Songs that Bikers Love

Not a "biker chick" myself (although I can see the appeal of being out on the road) I do genuinely love all the songs listed, which I have on good authority bikers love listening to. Whether you are a biker or not, which songs would you associate with bikers? Feel free to add any you think deserves to be here :)

The Top Ten

1 Beer Drinkers & Hellraisers - ZZ Top Beer Drinkers & Hellraisers - ZZ Top

Primo choice. Was playing' this in the biker bars back when it and I were both young. (Depressing).

2 Black Betty - Ram Jam Black Betty - Ram Jam
3 Bad to the Bone - George Thorogood Bad to the Bone - George Thorogood
4 Against the Wind - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
5 Call Me the Breeze - Lynyrd Skynyrd
6 Heading Out to The Highway - Judas Priest
7 Fire on the Mountain - Marshall Tucker Band
8 Cocaine Blues - Johnny Cash
9 Ballad of Easy Rider - The Byrds
10 All Right Now - Free

The Newcomers

? Heavy Fuel - Dire Straits

The Contenders

11 Born to Be Wild - Steppenwolf
12 Cheap Sunglasses - ZZ Top
13 Caledonia River - King Biscuit Boy

Not a true biker myself but as I mentioned in the list description, I can see the appeal of being and feeling free on those machines. If I were a biker, I'd listen to this the most (although I already do listen to it a lot). I absolutely love it. - Britgirl

14 On the Road Again - Canned Heat

Also "Sugar Bee."

15 La Grange - ZZ Top
16 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly

Primal mood music evoking, perhaps, courtly romance against a background of dark, monochromatic, medieval odyssies of war. (Or maybe it's just acid rock. Whaddu I know? :). Lots of influence from Hendrix, some from Butterfield's "East-West," with a smattering of Arthur Brown. There's a story behind the title. The short version is that it's an inebriated corruption of "in the Garden of Eden."

"Whaddu I know? " You modest man, you. I'd go with "romance against a background of dark, monochromatic; medieval odyssies of war" (it sounds much more poetic than "acid rock":)) Definitely getting Arthur Brown in there. Do I like the song? Well, yes! But as about the title, I personally prefer the "inebriated" version. They sound very similar anyway. - Britgirl

Ya know, you right. Went back and listened to this for the first time in quite a while, and gotta say, Arthur Brown a bit more than t'other two. Good call:).

17 Floyd's Hotel - The J. Geils Band
18 Manic Depression - Jimi Hendrix
19 Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughan
20 Midnight Rider - The Allman Brothers Band
21 Slow Ride - Foghat
22 We Gotta Get Out of This Place - The Animals
23 Roadhouse Blues - The Doors
24 Move Over - Janis Joplin
25 Balinese - ZZ Top
26 Ain't Nothing to Me - Johnny Winter
27 Barracuda - Heart
28 Legs - ZZ Top
29 Statesboro Blues - The Allman Brothers Band
30 Roll On Down the Highway - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
31 Shadows of the Night - Pat Benatar
32 Cocaine - Eric Clapton
33 Flirtin' with Disaster - Molly Hatchet
34 You Better Run - Motörhead

In the SpongeBob Movie this song was rerecorded as "You Better Swim" and was used in the Thug Rug which basically is Bikers - christangrant

35 Bad to the Bone - George Thorogood & the Destroyers
36 Bat Out of Hell - Meatloaf
37 Freewheel Burning - Judas Priest
38 Motorcycle Man - Saxon
39 Live to Ride, Ride to Live - Twisted Sister
40 Motorcycle Mama - Neil Young
41 Bad Motor Scooter - Montrose

Uh, no. Not the band, not the song, not the premise. Just, no.

42 Bicycle Race - Queen

Really? Met many bikers, have ya?

43 One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer - George Thorogood
44 Ezy Ryder - Jimi Hendrix
45 Sugar Bee - Canned Heat
46 Old Time Rock & Roll - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
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1. Beer Drinkers & Hellraisers - ZZ Top
2. Black Betty - Ram Jam
3. Bad to the Bone - George Thorogood


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