Top Ten Songs by Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas is an American hip hop/pop group based in Los Angeles. The group is composed of,, Taboo, and Fergie.

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1 Where is the Love?

A very good song! Deserves to be number 1! Has a very good meaning!

As somebody who rarely ever cries, this song makes me cry like a baby every time I listen to it. It's also aged very well, since most of the problems talked about still occur to this day

this is their best, it started it all

Beautiful song it...Greatest song it...

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2 I Gotta Feeling

It has an awesome beat, One of the most/best successful Songs in music history/of all time. As of 2012 it sold over 16.1 million times, Out selling Kesha's Tik Tok, I Gotta Feeling is The Black Eyed Peas most successful song of all time. The Best selling digital song of the 2000's. Good work - Mason45

I heard this at Dollar General today. From 4-6-19 - SpinelliFan

A good mode giving superb song - MatrixGuy

They only good song they made. - Userguy44

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3 Boom Boom Pow

This song of on "1st" rank in 2009 billboard ranking how can it be so low it should be at least at second vote for it people come on. VOTE

This should be #2 or #3 but not at #7 please vote
Transcend its rank!

I love this song. the remix also roxxx. it must definitely be #1

It's a fab club no... Can dance to it all night... Love fergie and will.I. am in the song... Please vote for it guys... Make it the best song of the year... It deserves to be on the top... Come on people!

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4 Just Can't Get Enough

This song is so good! How can it only be #8? This song has a really good beat and nice lyrics. People who like slower songs can like it just as much as people who like fast songs! You will hit the replay button more than once on this song.

This is a great and revolution song of the black eyed peas all thee Latin Americans love this song. Not by much, but this is the best Black eyed peas song. After looking at all of these, I've realized how many good songs that they actually have! It seems right after one song starts to get a bit old, another one becomes a hit. The BEP's are legit and now one of my favorite groups! I just love it.!

It's a lovely song. It's pretty sweet that the BEP made this song for awareness of the Japan's tsunami and earthquake. And this song is one of the best ever!

Of course I totally agree that it is a song I would replay time to time. It so catchy and fergie's voice is so utmost sexy. Plus it is such a song which gives a meaningful message with a dancing beat. It is a philosophical sexy song

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5 Pump It

how could you not think its the best?!

This like vintage Black Eyed Peas! Come on people! This should be one of the ultimate party songs! PUMP IT!

Boom Boom Pow in 2nd? Pump It FTW!

This song is so catchy! The reason I start listening to the black eyed peas should be way higher! Come on people!

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6 The Time

The black eyed peas are a band that has this theme that technology is the future and this song definitely shows that.

THE BEST SONG... FOR ME :).. I love this song I hear it again and again.. I am glad that Black Eyed Peas released this song for their fans... Thanks Black Eyed Peas... I love your songs very much

The time should be number 1, 'cuse its totally different than the black eyed peas other songs even if it is abit like there new song Don't stop the party... The black eyed peas used a lot of technology and it took them long time to make this song'as the black eyed peas said' but really this song is on my top 1 I LOVE IT!
PS:I'm a peabody that means that I love all the black eyed peas songs but the time is my top 1...

The time is a very cool song.. and is better dan I gotta feelin..! Love it..!

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7 Meet Me Halfway


Good Track - BloDayBey

This beautiful song should be much higher in this list. Those who don't like it just can't understand the meaning of this song - Magnolia

I love it I have it on repeat for ages as it takes me to a different world

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8 Let's Get It Started

I have to say. This is good as well and I really don't like The Black Eyed Peas. - Userguy44

I agree this is the best

Greatest song in the world... Really people? I gotta feeling? That is so lamo!

Why are all the noobs voting for I Gotta Feeling? I Gotta Feeling is one of their worst song. Let's Get It Started, on the other hand, is awesome, as well as most of the others here.

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9 Rock that Body

Rock that body come on come on rock that body... I love this tune I am in love with this song... And especially the part where he says... I wanna rock right now...

Are you ' kidding me? 14? This song is WAY better then "I Gotta Feeling"! This should be number 1! You're all crazy...

This is my second favorite song ever only 1 song can beat this one give a thumb up if you have been loving it for 3 years and don't forget we are super flightless

The Best Lyrics of the black eyed peas-

When you comin' up in the spot
Don't bring nothing we call pink dot
'Cause we burnin' around the clock
Hit the lights and then turn them off

If you bring that don't make it soft
Like the jungle we run the block
No one rollin' the way we rock
Way we rock

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10 Imma Be

This should be number one! MY NUMBER ONE FAVORITE SONG NOT ON NUMBER ONE!?! Jeez...

The second half of the song in itself could secure the #1 spot. absolutely amazing

Imma Be is agreat song. Sometimes it gets annoying when my friends sing it on and on and on.

what the heck I gotta feeling sucks and is so annoying, this song however is way better - footballanytime

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The Contenders

11 My Humps

The first time I heard this song, I started crying it was so good. This song got me listening to music.

Fergie make this song so amazing please listen to it it is of differnt type

Heard this song when I was really young. It kept playing on my radio and I had no idea how to fix it so I was listening to it pretty much all day. This is when I learned how a Repeat button works - Mcgillacuddy

It is my favorite song ever! I just love it! The lyrics aren't the best but it is very funny and catchy! Plus: It Won a Grammy!

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12 Hey Mama

Get this up higher one of heir classics

One of their better ones for sure

Dude... You gotta listen to this track!
The track of this song is way too col...

Hey Mama is probably one of the best Black Eyed Peas Songs of Elephunk. - lizard302

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13 Don't Stop the Party

Why isn't this higher? This is my favorite song, it's so much better than boom boom pow! Heck, it's better than most of the songs above!

Great song...just don't stop

I think most people has not heard this song yet, dunno why Gotta Feelin, Boom Boom Pow at the above on the list when there is this brand new bang..

Definitely deserves to be up on the list. Hear it in almost every party hangout. Guys vote for this song

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14 Shut Up

This is their best song although they have many great songs, my top ten would look something like this:

1. Shut up
2. Where is the love?
3. Don't phunk with my heart
4. Hey mama
5. Meet me halfway
6. Don't lie
7. Let's get it started
8. I gotta feeling
9. Just can't get enough
10. Missing you

So catchy; the part when they argue is lol

Imagine if Puff Puff Humbert sang the second Will.I. am verses & is still voiced by Ray William Johnson. Well, it will happen eventually. And guess what? Your Favorite Martian is a band that will no longer stay retired.

Skinny, just skinny, skinny (8x)

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15 Don't Phunk with My Heart

The Greatest Song Thus Far By Black EYed Peas, what is it the contender list, it needs to be in the top ten... No! Number one!

hi these are the black eyed peas and this comment is right. vote for don't phunk with my heart. if you vote for this song you could get an autograph by us! remember to vote for don't phunk with my heart. it is the bomb!


Exceptional lyrics, vocals, and the music video is hilarious. This song is infectious and the beat will hook you the first time you hear it. If you have not heard this song, then you have no idea what you are missing.

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16 Bebot

Great song but not too famous, but you gotta listen to it, you will freaking love this song - Tigerdrag40

Why the hell this sing is not in top 10 very nice song it makes me bounce I listen to this song everyday

It's the first hip hop song I listened to

Its really awesome :-) for hip-hop Dance

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17 Mas Que Nada

This song is the best song ever I had ever listen and of course I like this song please like and this song came from miss universe 2011 so please all of you like the song mas que nada and thank you so much for this creator of this song because I like this mas que nada Philippines

Excellent track

18 Missing You
19 Now Generation

This song really some's up the generation we are in and it's just so damn good, it has a country feel to it and its such a shame songs like this one, gone going and one tribe have been completely forgotten because of the main stream success of this bands techno garbage

This song is one of my all time favourites - lizard302

20 Party All The Time
21 Gone Going

It's criminal how this as well as one tribe and now generation are going to be forgotten but songs like boom boom pow are going to go down in history, I can't claim to be a huge black eyed peas fan but the songs of there's I do like I really like, this being my favourite, has meaning, something I wasn't expecting when listening to it

Johnny wanna be a big star! It's only! - lizard302

Amazing but what's better is the colaboration of Jack Johnson

I LOVE THIS SONG! - lizard302

22 Play It Loud

This is probably one of their most underrated tracks, should be on the top 10

23 Yesterday

One of their newest hits, listen to it it is great

24 Light Up the Night
25 Showdown
26 Do It Like This

This is the ultimate party song if you like the BEP other than The Time or I gotta feeling.

27 Whenever

I really like this song. It's great and deserves more votes. Too bad its just stop here at 31...

I like this song a lot! This should be at #2 with Let's Get it Started being #1 - bobbyboo123

I used to hate this song, but now I have listened to it, I love it! - lizard302

This song sucks. I hate this song. - lizard302

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28 Don't Lie

Please. Don't Lie (together with Where is The Love) is the last piece of Black Eyed Peas' true meaningful and heartfelt songs, unlike some of electro music from their recent albums. BRING BACK THE OLD BEP!

One of my favourite song with where is the love and just can t get enough and I gotta feeling

I love fergie's part
She sings like in Spanish and I like that
And the music video is fun for watching

Laugh out loud, Will.I. am's nose is big!

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29 Ring-a-Ling
30 Like That

I Got it Like That and I Got it Like That also! I am surprised it is wasn't higher - lizard302

31 Dum Diddly

This is really a very good... Please vote for this song

Dum Diddly is one of the best black eyed peas songs! Make it in the top 12. - lizard302


Sing Sing Sing the Song Song Song
The Black Eyed Pas begun with action
Ryth - Ryth -Rhythm with satisfaction
Thanks for asking that's whats happening
Hit, hit the pow pow pow
Didn't know me then then you will never know we now
Because the apl de ap don't stop the rapping
Black eye peas are awesome! - lizard302

32 The Situation
33 Anxiety

I still can't believe this. Awesome song awesome beat I think this song is the best I ever listen and it's 30

Wow, I suprized this isn't even on the list. Its clearly one of their best! Its just so awesome and catchy!

Anxiety is amazing. Should be Much higher. - lizard302

Anxiety say that it is saying robbery - lizard302

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34 The Best One Yet
35 Someday

First heard this in the supermarket radio and HAD to look it up! Surprised its not more popular. I love it!

This sholud be at top tens it's really greatful!

36 B.E.P. Empire
37 Love You Long Time

What would you do if I walked up to you and I told you how I feel about you now. - lizard302

Awesome song!
It has got a much different tune to it. Really unique :-)
Music has the element of rock but the voices are kept soft. Good Song :-)

What would you do?
If I walked up to you
And I told you how I feel
About you now

My list
1. Imma Bee
2. Alive
3. Anxiety
4. Pump it
5. The Apl Song
6. Love you long time - lizard302

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38 Grapes

It's the best one!
The only best choice for me!

39 Electric City

Come on? This has to be in the top ten... I got really surprised to not see this in the list... An excellent song!

This seriously NEEDS to be in the top 10 - lizard302

I LOVE THIS SONG - lizard302

How is this #39? - lizard302

40 Street Livin'

Yes real hip hop

Proof that they are focusing on that real stuff again

41 The Boogie That Be

It's A Good Song And I Hear It Everyday

42 The Apl Song

This should be number 1. It's only 2 minutes but still! - lizard302

This song is great! Should be in the top 10. My list is something like this:
1. The Apl Song
2. Imma Bee
3. Alive
4. Anxiety
5. Pump it
6. Let's get it started
7. Where is the love
8. It's a Holiday
9. The Time
10. Don't stop the party - lizard302

This used to be 21. But now it is 17. I love this song! My list is this
1. The Apl Song
2. Imma Bee
3. Alive - lizard302

This song is my number 5. My list is this
1. Imma B - lizard302

43 What It Is

This song is king in rap! Better than all other songs! - bj.costas


44 Karma

Finally a good song from the black eyed peas... where's fallin up?

45 Simple Little Melody
46 Fashion Beats
47 Let's Get Retarded

Like this better than lets it started to be honest

48 A8
49 Disco Club
50 Alive

I wanna let you know how I feel...

This song should be in the top ten. Very Very Good. - lizard302

I adore this song

The meaning of this song is great and I just plain love it. My favorite part is Apl De Ap's rap solo

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