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21 Party All The Time Party All The Time
22 Light Up the Night Light Up the Night
23 Showdown Showdown
24 Ring-a-Ling Ring-a-Ling
25 Alive Alive

The meaning of this song is great and I just plain love it. My favorite part is Apl De Ap's rap solo

Apl de ap is better than in this one! This is my top 3 best black eyed peas characters.
3# Fergie
1# Apl de ap. Taboo is lame. - lizard302

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26 One Tribe One Tribe

Come on! This isn't even in the top 10? That is a shame, because it is inspiring!

I super love this song.

It should be next to "Where is the Love" because they convey the problem you can find today.

It is very inspiring.

"Kung makainspire, WAGAS! "

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27 Dum Diddly Dum Diddly

Dum Diddly is one of the best black eyed peas songs! Make it in the top 12. - lizard302

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28 Like That Like That

I Got it Like That and I Got it Like That also! I am surprised it is wasn't higher - lizard302

29 Do It Like This Do It Like This

This is the ultimate party song if you like the BEP other than The Time or I gotta feeling.

30 Whenever Whenever

I really like this song. It's great and deserves more votes. Too bad its just stop here at 31...

I like this song a lot! This should be at #2 with Let's Get it Started being #1 - bobbyboo123

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31 Bep Empire Bep Empire
32 Someday Someday

First heard this in the supermarket radio and HAD to look it up! Surprised its not more popular. I love it!

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33 Anxiety Anxiety

I still can't believe this. Awesome song awesome beat I think this song is the best I ever listen and it's 30

Wow, I suprized this isn't even on the list. Its clearly one of their best! Its just so awesome and catchy!

Anxiety is amazing. Should be Much higher. - lizard302

In the top 20, at least please. - lizard302

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34 Love You Long Time Love You Long Time

What would you do if I walked up to you and I told you how I feel about you now. - lizard302

Awesome song!
It has got a much different tune to it. Really unique :-)
Music has the element of rock but the voices are kept soft. Good Song :-)

What would you do?
If I walked up to you
And I told you how I feel
About you now

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35 Grapes V 1 Comment
36 Electric City Electric City

Come on? This has to be in the top ten... I got really surprised to not see this in the list... An excellent song!

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37 The Boogie That Be The Boogie That Be

It's A Good Song And I Hear It Everyday

38 The Apl Song The Apl Song

This song is great! Should be in the top 10. My list is something like this:
1. The Apl Song
2. Imma Bee
3. Alive
4. Anxiety
5. Pump it
6. Let's get it started
7. Where is the love
8. It's a Holiday
9. The Time
10. Don't stop the party - lizard302

This used to be 21. But now it is 17. I love this song! My list is this
1. The Apl Song
2. Imma Bee
3. Alive - lizard302

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39 The Situation The Situation
40 Simple Little Melody Simple Little Melody
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