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1 Knights of Cydonia

In general probably muses best song to absolutely rock out to. Its mix of western style and space rock is really the theme of the entire album, and this song sums it up all by itself. - uofmfan1221

The first rock song I have ever heard and the best on guitar hero - Zindondiddlybop

I prefer Supermassive Black Hole, but Knights of Cydonia is Muse's best work. - Aeterna


This is hardly Muses best song, come on? Really? Sure it's good, but it's just boring, I have no idea what their best would be, for me, as of right now, it's probably hyper chrondriac music...

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2 Map of the Problematique

Incredible vibe to this song. Brilliant live.


3 Supermassive Black Hole

I hate the photo of Twilight, but this is the best

This song is epic, but that photo disturb me

Have to hear this one live to really get what all the fuss is about. Brilliant base line and vocals, especially Matt's falsetto.

That fuzzy bass is awesome! - Userguy44

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4 Starlight

This song has the best piano ever. I don't think I have ever heared piano as awesome as this. It's got an epic name, I don't know why. It is quite popular. If I had to sum it up in one word I would say AWSOME!

This is not even the best song of Muse, also this song is the best and most beautiful song that I heard.

Come on! Why not 2? I think it is the third best song ever (behind Uprising and Plug In Baby). I want it to be 1, but KoC is more popular.


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5 Assassin

Bit of a retarded solo which sounds like scraping a cracked beer bottle on the floor but that is really the good thing about it

Amazing progressive rock song!
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Combine prog metal with Eastern music influences and raw and political lyrics =
One of the best songs Muse has ever made!

6 Take a Bow

I think this is one of the best intros to an album I've heard (I may be a bit biased) with the amazing buildup that leads to just the absolutely incredible mess that is the ending - uofmfan1221

The lyrics of this song are so powerful come on!

Such a creepy song ( in good meaning) lyrics are so epic!

The buildup, the climax, the drop... more majestic than KoC even!

7 City of Delusion

First it starts lame, but when the bass comes in, you know, THAT THIS IS THE BEST SONG OF THE WHOLE RECORD

Reminds me of the Middle East

Damn fine song, addicted to it right now. "City of delusssion". Matt's vocals are awesome. And Chris's backing " justifyyy my reason" sounds amazing.

8 Exo-Politics

Haha, I knew this song wouldn't be popular, but that's ok. I remember that just after hearing the first notes I had already fallen in love with the song. Playful melody with a serious undertone.

This song is an amazing song, which is one of the album's most meaningful songs on the list.. which in my opinion is VERY important to song ratings.. not to meation the awesome simple beat to it.. just makes you head nod without even knowing it!
All praise Exo-Politics!


9 Invincible

Invincible is one of Muse's most underrated song and should go after city of delusion, take a bow and assassin

Why is this song so low down on this list?

Underrated song, epic solo!

Great song ever!

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10 Hoodoo

Why is the song voted best lyrics of the decade and probably on of the best things they've done below Soldiers Poem and Exo-Polotics?

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11 Glorious

My biggest issue with this is that I kind of hate the verse and intro and outdo but I LOVE the chorus so it's kinda tricky - uofmfan1221

Wow! So low? This song didn't rocket through the universe, right?

12 Soldier's Poem

I feel bad that this song gets such little attention. No, it's not the best on the album, but in general it's awesome for the light two minute song it is and fits well with the album. - uofmfan1221

This song is so damn beautiful. The harmonies, the lyrics, the heartfelt passion from Matt...

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1. Knights of Cydonia
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1. Knights of Cydonia
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