Best Songs from Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell

The Top Ten

1 Heaven and Hell

Their best song they ever wrote - christangrant

Yes, I agree this is #1. One of the greatest metal songs ever - lyrically and musically. R.I.P. Dio.
"For every moment of truth, there's confusion in life". - Metal_Treasure

2 Neon Knights

Kinda boring

Interesting because I think most Black Sabbath songs are boring but this one isn't - Alkadikce

I agree with your #2, too.
By the way I can't believe there wasn't a list about this album which shows how underrated it is compared to the earlier Black Sabbath albums.
Good job, KobraKid. - Metal_Treasure

3 Children of the Sea
4 Die Young
5 Lonely is the Word
6 Lady Evil
7 Wishing Well

Second best song with Dio. The first is Master of Insanity - SoldierOfFortune

8 Walk Away
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