Best Songs On Black Sabbath's Master of Reality


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1 Children of the Grave

Deserves to be number 1 - christangrant

1. Children of the Grave
2. After Forever
3. Sweet Leaf
4. Into the Void
5. Lord of This World
6. Solitude
7. Embryo
8. Orchid

Probaly my favorite song

1. Children of the Grave
2. After Forever
3. Into the Void
4. Sweet Leaf
5. Solitude
6. Lord of This World
7. Embryo
8. Orchid - BekoT.

2 Into the Void

I love the opening doom riff

Heaviest song on the album - countnightdark13

This is my favorite Black Sabbath song.

3 Sweet Leaf
4 Lord of This World
5 After Forever
6 Solitude
7 Embryo

Perfect composition. Gives me chills! Iommi is great!

Who voted this

Its clearly not the best song on the album but I'd at least say it's the better instrumental - dubsinthetubs

8 Orchid
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1. Children of the Grave
2. Lord of This World
3. After Forever
1. Into the Void
2. Children of the Grave
3. Sweet Leaf
1. Children of the Grave
2. Into the Void
3. Sweet Leaf

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