Best Songs On Black Veil Brides's Black Veil Brides IV

The Top Ten

1 Walk Away

This song reminds me of Lost It All. It's so calm and it's a long song with almost 6 minutes, also the piano part in the end of the song reminds me the end of "In The End" from Linkin Park. - tiagocowboy11

2 Last Rites

Though the album is good, it's very far from standout in my opinion, as it didn't really wow me at all, except for Last Rites and Walk Away. Those two are two of the band's best songs, better than each other in different ways, and therefore both get my vote. - EvilAngel

3 Goodbye Agony

This song is very powerful emotionally, the music is amazing and the song is true.

4 Heart of Fire

This song is so kick-ass! I can hear the rebell-ness in it so much

5 Faithless

This song should be top three at least.
The first scream reminds me of perfect weapon

6 Crown Of Thorns
7 The Shattered God

I think this is one of their best songs AND THERE SHOULD BE A SAMPLE FFS!

8 Devil In The Mirror

I adore everything on this album but this song is brilliant should be higher

9 World Of Sacrifice
10 Drag Me to the Grave

Definitely the best in the album. The others are good too, but this one its really awesome. - tiagocowboy11

The Contenders

11 Stolen Omen

What? This is the only decent song on the album!

12 Sons of Night
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