Best Songs from Blind Guardian's Beyond the Red Mirror


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1 The Throne The Throne

Great and diverse Song overall!

2 The Ninth Wave The Ninth Wave
3 The Holy Grail The Holy Grail
4 Sacred Mind Sacred Mind

Crazy vox in the beginning, especially "On Fire! " - Metal_Treasure

5 Grand Parade Grand Parade

The section from 6:20-7:50 is one of the most impressive, epic, intense and beautiful things I've ever heard. - Metal_Treasure

6 Distant Memories Distant Memories

@IronSabbathPriest - yes, awesome vocals. I like especially the low note at 2:45 (it's a C♯3, I guess). It's not his lowest note but still (his lowest one is exactly a whole octave lower than this). Since 2000 Hansi's been using more of his highest register but my heart skips a beat every time I hear a beautiful low note from him. - Metal_Treasure

"But still they don't know they're just caught in distant memories and these fools shall fade awaaayyt! They'll never feel the faaalll! " Such an epic and powerful song! It deserves to be at the very top of this list!

Beautiful ballad. I especially love Hansi's vocals in the beginning. - IronSabbathPriest

7 Miracle Machine Miracle Machine

Reminds me a bit of a later Dio song. Maybe "This Is Your Life". - IronSabbathPriest

@IronSabbathPriest - It's because both songs have only piano and vocals for the most part but music is completely different.
Only singers with perfect voices can do such types of songs (almost acapella) because you hear clearly every single note and there's nothing to conceal eventual flaws. Hansi never cease to amaze me - at 50 his voice still sounds incredibly clean, youthful and beautiful, especially on this song. God bless Hansi! - Metal_Treasure

8 Ashes of Eternity Ashes of Eternity
9 At the Edge of Time At the Edge of Time
10 Prophecies Prophecies

The Contenders

11 Twilight of the Gods Twilight of the Gods
12 Doom
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1. The Ninth Wave
2. The Throne
3. The Holy Grail
1. The Ninth Wave
2. The Throne
3. The Holy Grail
1. The Ninth Wave
2. The Throne
3. The Holy Grail



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