Top 10 Songs on Blind Guardian's Live Album Tokyo Tales

Blind Guardian are one of the best metal bands live. I have a hypothesis about the bands that are great live and create live versions that are often better than the studio versions: of course the members must be talented but what helps during live shows is the chemistry between the members and the support every member gets from the others. In the studio band members don't play together.

This live album was recorded in December, 1992, in Tokyo, Japan, and released in 1993. I only wish the recording quality was better because the band performance is excellent. Tokyo Tales live album was remastered and re-released in 2007 (sound quality is better).

Tokyo Tales live album includes songs from their first 4 albums that were thrashy speed metal and some power metal. If you know the originals, you will hear how good the band played them live. If you don't know the studio versions, don't worry - live versions are so good that you don't need the originals.
Vocalist Hansi Kursch also played bass during this show (he was the bassist from 1984-1998).

This tour was in support of their then new album Somewhere Far Beyond, with The Bard's Song on it, but this song wasn't on the setlist. I guess Blind Guardian didn't know they created a hit, or most probably, they didn't pay much attention to this song because it's not a metal song, it's just an acoustic ballad.

This album is on youtube: Tokyo Tales Live [Remastered] Album, uploaded by Alfred Eagle.

The Top Ten

1 Majesty

Song samples on this list are studio versions and not versions from the live album. - Metal_Treasure

Originally this song is extremely fast and despite its speed it's 7:30 min long! Majesty is considered one of the best speed metal songs of all time.
But guess what, they played this live version even faster! And Hansi vocals sound better - same power and aggression but he probably had a better control over his voice during this live performance. Unbelievable. Also, that drummer and those guitarists!
Now, this is how great bands do it and not like DragonForce - fast in the studio and not that fast live. - Metal_Treasure

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2 Lord of the Rings

Vocals. Blew. My. Mind. - Metal_Treasure

3 Valhalla

Better than the original - same speed and energy but better vocals. The original song features a guest singer for the pre-chorus (Kai Hansen of Helloween) but Blind Guardian nailed the vocals even without Kai Hansen additional vocals. - Metal_Treasure

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4 Banish from Sanctuary

Better than the studio version in general - vocals are great as well as the fast and long guitar solo. - Metal_Treasure

5 Time What is Time

One of my favorite songs from their early albums. They played it live with the same speed and power, same great vocals, same precise drumming and chemistry between the guitarists.
They changed something in the live version but they did it in a great way - they skipped the acoustic intro but added a long piano outro! - Metal_Treasure

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6 Barbara Ann

Blind Guardian made a studio cover of The Beach Boys song but this live version is better than their studio cover. - Metal_Treasure

7 Journey Through the Dark

Wow, the intro scream is awesome. Great chorus. - Metal_Treasure

8 The Quest for Tanelorn

Another outstanding vocal performance! - Metal_Treasure

9 Welcome to Dying
10 Traveler in Time UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Lost in the Twilight Hall UListen to Sample
12 Goodbye My Friend
13 Inquisition

A very short intro song, it's Gregorian chanting. - Metal_Treasure

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