Top 10 Songs on Blind Guardian's Live Beyond the Spheres

Today, August 10, is the birthday of Hansi Kürsch (he turned 51) and I wanted to do something for him and his band so I made this list (last year I made the list Top 10 Things Related to Hansi Kürsch to Be mentioned at the Eve of His 50th Birthday).

Live Beyond The Spheres is a live album released on 07.07. 2017 as a 3-CD and 4-LP box via Nuclear Blast. Songs were recorded at various shows in 2015 during Blind Guardian's tour. The album contains 22 songs - old classics and new tracks.

Vocalist Hansi Kürsch said something we all know but it's good to hear he confirms it:
“There is always something happening at each show, let’s call it ‘magic’, that is giving us all the creeps. We are really satisfied when the people sing with us, have a good time and go back home happy.”

It's not a problem if you don't know these particular live versions - you can vote for songs you like (studio versions).

The Top Ten

1 And Then There Was Silence

The song sample is from the live album this list is about.
These guys are masters. Here's why:
1) this song is an epic masterpiece as a studio recording - one of their best songs, if not the best (by far)
2) not many bands would play this complex and long song live (it's 14+ minutes long)
3) it's amazing they keep playing it live 15 years after the studio version
4) even live and even 15 years later, this version still sounds awesome
5) they succeeded to replicate a big share of the original symphonic orchestration
6) it's an excellent live version - I am sure because I know the studio versions of this song note for note, word for word
7) at the age of 50 Hansi still sounded fantastic live
8) even on this long, progressive and symphonic-like song the crowd sang solo for about 2 minutes and a half. - Metal_Treasure

2 Wheel of Time
3 Banish from Sanctuary

The song sample is from the live album this list is about.
Banish from Sanctuary is one of my favorite Blind Guardian songs - the original studio version came out in 1989 but this live version recorded in 2015 also sounds great. Blind Guardian still have speed and energy 26 years later. Hand down. - Metal_Treasure

4 Majesty
5 Nightfall

If it's not the best power metal song, it has to be the most beautiful one. - Metal_Treasure

6 The Bard's Song (In the Forest)
7 Imaginations from the Other Side
8 Sacred Worlds
9 A Past and Future Secret
10 Mirror Mirror

The Contenders

11 Bright Eyes
12 Valhalla
13 Into the Storm
14 And the Story Ends

It's a live version from 2017 live album, originally a song of 1995. - Metal_Treasure

15 The Ninth Wave
16 Lord of the Rings

Probably some of the best lyrics I’ve heard. - PhoenixAura81

The sample is from the live album 2017. It's nice to hear the crowd participation. - Metal_Treasure

17 Tanelorn (Into the Void)
18 Prophecies
19 The Last Candle
20 Twilight of the Gods
21 Fly
22 Lost in the Twilight Hall
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Top Remixes

1. And Then There Was Silence
2. Banish from Sanctuary
3. Wheel of Time
1. And Then There Was Silence
2. Imaginations from the Other Side
3. A Past and Future Secret
1. Wheel of Time
2. The Bard's Song (In the Forest)
3. Majesty


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