Best Songs On Blood On the Dance Floor's Epic

The Top Ten

Sexting Sexting Cover Art

None of these songs are good, I am sorry.

More like Epic Fail. - Gehenna

Death to Your Heart! Death to Your Heart! Cover Art

This song had a good flow,but the lyrics though...just no.But then again BOTDF was notorious for having horrible lyrics before 2012.They still suck though because they have only 1 good song and that was Rise and Shine.All others suck.-LitSavage

Candyland Candyland Cover Art
Scream for My Icecream Scream for My Icecream Cover Art
I.D.G.A.F. I.D.G.A.F. Cover Art

Dua Lipa did better

I'm What Dreams Are Made Of I'm What Dreams Are Made Of Cover Art

More like I'm what nightmares are made of for making atrocious "music"

Believe Believe Cover Art

No, it's not "really good" it's a embarrassment. It's putrid and it's idiotic. - Gehenna

This should be number 1 it's just really good

Innocent High Innocent High Cover Art
Lovestruck Lovestruck Cover Art
Lose Control Lose Control Cover Art

The Contenders

It's on Like Donkey Kong It's on Like Donkey Kong Cover Art
You Done Goofed You Done Goofed Cover Art

I hate EPIC

Sugar Rush Sugar Rush Cover Art
Beautiful Surgery Beautiful Surgery Cover Art
Lookin' Hot Dangerous Lookin' Hot Dangerous Cover Art
Horrifically Delicious Horrifically Delicious Cover Art
F**k the Rest, We the Best F**k the Rest, We the Best Cover Art
Party On Party On Cover Art
Inject Me Sweetly Inject Me Sweetly Cover Art
Sluts Get Guts Sluts Get Guts Cover Art
Success is the Best Revenge Success is the Best Revenge Cover Art
An Epic of Epicness An Epic of Epicness Cover Art
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