Best Songs On Blood On the Dance Floor's Epic

The Top Ten

1 Sexting

None of these songs are good, I am sorry.

More like Epic Fail. - Gehenna

2 Death to Your Heart!

This song had a good flow,but the lyrics though...just no.But then again BOTDF was notorious for having horrible lyrics before 2012.They still suck though because they have only 1 good song and that was Rise and Shine.All others suck.-LitSavage

3 Candyland
4 Scream for My Icecream
5 I.D.G.A.F.

Dua Lipa did better

6 I'm What Dreams Are Made Of

More like I'm what nightmares are made of for making atrocious "music"

7 Believe

No, it's not "really good" it's a embarrassment. It's putrid and it's idiotic. - Gehenna

This should be number 1 it's just really good

8 Innocent High
9 Lovestruck
10 Lose Control

The Contenders

11 It's on Like Donkey Kong
12 You Done Goofed

I hate EPIC

13 Sugar Rush
14 Beautiful Surgery
15 Lookin' Hot Dangerous
16 Horrifically Delicious
17 F**k the Rest, We the Best
18 Party On
19 Inject Me Sweetly
20 Sluts Get Guts
21 Success is the Best Revenge
22 An Epic of Epicness
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