Best Songs From Bloodbath's Nightmares Made Flesh


The Top Ten

1 Eaten Eaten
2 Outnumbering the Day Outnumbering the Day
3 Brave New Hell Brave New Hell
4 Soul Evisceration
5 Cancer of the Soul
6 Feeding the Undead
7 Bastard Son of God

My favorite from the album. Eaten is my least favorite Bloodbath song.

This song is so sick. The main riff along with the chorus is just so pleasant to the ears.

8 The Ascension
9 Year of the Cadaver Race
10 Stillborn Saviour

The Contenders

11 Draped in Disease
12 Blood Vortex


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Top Remixes (4)

1. Eaten
2. Brave New Hell
3. Outnumbering the Day
1. Brave New Hell
2. Eaten
3. Cancer of the Soul
1. Outnumbering the Day
2. Soul Evisceration
3. The Ascension

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