Top 10 Songs on Bob Rivers' I Am Santa Claus

The Top Ten Songs on Bob Rivers' I Am Santa Claus

I Am Santa Claus
Jingle Hells Bells

Ahh, I love this album and especially this song because you can't tell this isn't ACDC. Bob Rivers is incredible! - Metal_Treasure

O Little Town of Bethlehem
Walkin' 'Round in Women's Underwear
Teddy the Red-Nosed Senator
There's Another Santa Claus
Didn't I Get This Last Year?
The What's It to Ya Chorus
The Magical Kingdon of Claus
Grahbe Yahbalz

The Contenders

A Letter to Santa
Manger 6
I Came Upon a Roadkill Deer
The Kids
O Christmas Tree
The Under the Tree World of Jacques Cousteau
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