Top 10 Songs on Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet


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1 Livin on a Prayer

Bon Jovi has written and performed many great songs, but his being the first song of theirs that I heard, it is the one that I, along with many others, immediately associate with this band. Dead or Alive is another great song in this album, but in my own opinion, this piece is their anthem; one of their best works ever. The lyrics tell a good story, and the song is far too fun to sing.

This song is bon jovi... It talks about the hardships of life, just like a lot of other bon jovi songs, and it talks about how a couple can make it through hard times, just like any other bon jovi love song.

My love for Bon jovi started with this song...

Best Song Ever!

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2 You Give Love a Bad Name

Awesome song. This should be #1!

This is not only my favorite song from Bon Jovi, but my favorite song of all time

The best of all! give love a bad name
2.I'd die for you on a prayer

3 Wanted Dead or Alive

It is tough between this and Prayer, but this has gotta take it as far as sheer awesomeness goes.

I love that song... it is so epic, LOL

This song is awesome - Userguy44

4 Never Say Goodbye

My favorite song!

5 Let It Rock

This should be higher than 7th. This song rocks!

Very good song, and very underrated

6 I'd Die for You

This is really a hard choice :/ love them all.

Awesome song

I love this song... Simply the best in my opnion

7 Raise Your Hands

Love Raise Your Hands ever since I got Bon Jovi live at Madison square garden 2008. I hope they write more songs like it and exsepet Richie back in the band.

8 Social Disease
9 Wild in the Streets

When I was a kid my dad would always play this album in the car and this song along with Raise your Hands always stood out or me. - wolphert

BEST SONG ever! It describes me so well!

Good lyrics too:
Making love in the back seat,
Saying oh yeah!
Wiildd in the streets!

10 Without Love
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1. Livin on a Prayer
2. You Give Love a Bad Name
3. Wanted Dead or Alive
1. Livin on a Prayer
2. You Give Love a Bad Name
3. Wanted Dead or Alive
1. You Give Love a Bad Name
2. Livin on a Prayer
3. Wanted Dead or Alive

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