Best Songs from Breaking Benjamin's Ember

Yeah, yeah, i know the album isn't out yet. I don't care, i saw a million lists like this created simply based on the tracklist reveal. And besides, the list will be 'fixed' once we, the users, start remixing it. With that being said, i'm looking forward for the new Breaking Benjamin record!

Breaking Benjamin rules!!!

The Top Ten

1 Torn in Two Torn in Two

Easily the best. For me it isn't even close. I would take this song over the rest of the album combined. - EvilAngel

2 Tourniquet Tourniquet
3 The Dark of You The Dark of You
4 Feed the Wolf
5 Blood

This is a hard choice, as this album is extremely melodic and heavy, with some songs sounding very similar. I haven't heard the album enough to get a favorite yet. I voted for Blood just because the second it came out as a pre-release song I loved it. Same with Save Yourself and Psycho. As of now I'm between those 3, but every song as been absolutely brilliant. - A7X3DGBB

Where is Blood? Of the four songs they've released thus far this is easily my favourite. - SuperSonic17

6 Psycho Psycho
7 Red Cold River
8 Down Down
9 Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes
10 Save Yourself Save Yourself

The Contenders

11 Lyra Lyra
12 Vega
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