Best Songs from Breaking Benjamin's Ember

Yeah, yeah, i know the album isn't out yet. I don't care, i saw a million lists like this created simply based on the tracklist reveal. And besides, the list will be 'fixed' once we, the users, start remixing it. With that being said, i'm looking forward for the new Breaking Benjamin record!

Breaking Benjamin rules!!!

The Top Ten

1 Red Cold River

The Best Song Ever Made By Far. Best One On The Album...Music Video Is A Little Weird But I Still Like It.

Best Song By Breaking Benjamin. The Music Video Is A Little Weird but I Love It. I’d Hate To See The Day They Stop Making Music

You know, right as Ben yells, "RUN! " That has always given me chills. - nuclearman354

2 Torn in Two

Easily the best. For me it isn't even close. I would take this song over the rest of the album combined. - EvilAngel

3 Tourniquet
4 The Dark of You

Definitely One Of Their Best Songs

5 Psycho

Better Than Torn In Two

6 Blood

It's not my most favorite song, but it is too low for me on this list. I vote blood, deserves a spot higher than this

Where is Blood? Of the four songs they've released thus far this is easily my favourite. - SuperSonic17

Such a powerful song! By far my favorite. But the whole damn CD is amazing. Completely different from all the other CDs but still such an amazing addition.

Pretty Good

7 Feed the Wolf

This song is the BEST in Ember by far! It brings the animal out of me every time I listen to it. Definitely one of my top 5 favorites out of all of the Breaking Benjamin songs. I get the chills just thinking about the chorus.

This song is amazing. They need to play it live

I Love It

8 Save Yourself

The issue with this album is that, each of the songs deserves a spot in the top 5. this song is great as well, at least for me it is...

Honestly, songs from this album are evenly matched. it is so hard to choose 1 that's outstanding. - unknown-soldier

I Like It

9 Down

Down and Torn in Two are definitely the best and most epic songs on this record. I voted Down because I feel like it's not getting enough attention than the other songs. - A7X3DGBB

Love The Beginning

Heavy won’t hold this song down

10 Close Your Eyes

Really Really Good Song

The Contenders

11 Lyra

Nice Ending To The Album

12 Vega

Love The Intro Song. Leads Straight Into Feed The Wolf And It Sounds So Good

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