Top Ten Best Songs from Breaking Benjamin's Phobia, Dear Agony and Dark Before Dawn

Bes songs from Breaking Benjamin's legendary three albums.

The Top Ten

1 The Diary of Jane
2 Failure

Reminds me that no matter what I do, every thing will stay the same I love modern rock the only pop song I like is sippycup by meanie Martinez

3 Crawl
4 Evil Angel
5 Defeated
6 Without You
7 Lights Out
8 Breath
9 Angels Fall
10 Until the End

Reminds me of Otonashi from angel beats
Takashi from high school of the dead
And Eren from Attack on Titan

The Contenders

11 Hollow

Best song on the album hands down - A7X3DGBB

12 I Will Not Bow
13 Fade Away
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