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1 Breath Breath

Love this song - ethanwakeman

Everything - the vocals, the unforgettable introduction, the meaning that can be found behind the raw words... this song should truly take your 'breath' away...

2 The Diary of Jane The Diary of Jane

One word : Epic! This deserves to be the top song without any doubt! Love this song completely!

This list is completely right - Diary of Jane #1 and Breath #2
These songs are both so meaningful.

This song rocks and deserves first place this song rocks.
This is why Breaking Benjamin should be more recognized instead of pop and should have one of their songs awarded best song of the year

Man I love this song from bottom of my heart and I really fell that my heart beats faster every time I listen to it.its just incredible and it also ispires me to become a singer.thank you

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3 Evil Angel Evil Angel

Why is Evil Angel so low? It is such an amazing song. Every song on Phobia is amazing, but Evil Angel is my very favourite, it is such a meaningful and amazing song. More people should listen to this song, and also vote for it both here and on the top ten Breaking Benjamin songs - EvilAngel

4 Dance with the Devil

Best songs by breaking benjamin... It's just too great

This song should be above unknown soldier. This song is badass in every way.

Sould be #5 - Poop2

5 Until the End

His voice represents so much emotion we all can relate to in everyday life. His screams almost sound as if he is frustrated and agitated with life, as sometimes we all are at one point. if you ever need someone to understand, you you ever feel alone or lost, listen to Breaking Benjamin.

This song if so my theme song. Although, Dear Agony if probably my favorite album. This song is so powerful and moving. To me, it says don't give in, no matter how crazy things get. While Diary of Jane... I'm not hating on the song it's just I can't really relate to it and I don't know what it means...

There is very good message from the song. powerful lyrics! Every time I feel like giving up, I listen to this song!

The melody and the lyrics are just beautiful. this song made me cry once. I will love Breaking Benjamin UNTIL THE END!

6 Had Enough

This is one of my favorite song from the band breaking Benjamin. This song is completely epic and it prove why bb is one of the best rock band and should be more recongize.

7 You

I can't express how much I love this song. It's just when Ben sings that "you" and just the tune and the guitar and you can tell it's directed at a particular person and... I dunno. It's just amazing, 'Kay?

8 Unknown Soldier

Unknown soldier is one of their most underrated songs. Its so good! It's my 2nd favorite from this album, behind Diary of Jane. GREAT song.

Seriously 9th this song is the best one on this album with had enough coming in at close second

9 Topless

I like most of the songs on this album, but this one's a little catchier than most of them. It could do without the language, but it's still a great song!

Damn I love this song...

10 Here We Are

Here We Are is an underrated song on the album. it may be slow and soft but that doesn't stop it from kicking major ass with ben's amazing vocals, beautiful lyrics and generally amazing musical talent the band produce!
The chorus is absolutely breathtaking!

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11 You Fight Me

(11/10 when posted) You really do have to listen to this one all the way through to appreciate it. It's slow in the beginning, but I think that that's where a lot of the style comes in at first. It's the kind of song, that, by its end, has turned into something completely different, only to return to the original riff. Its composition is a reflection of the cyclic struggle that the narrator ("me") and the "you" are caught in, and I think that because of it's lyrical content and composition, it is my favorite song from Phobia. Sure, it's never gonna beat great hits like "The Diary of Jane" or "Breath", but I at least expected to see it in the top five. Come on, guys!

Probably should be higher... - mtndewlord

12 Phobia (Outro)
13 Phobia (Intro)
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1. Evil Angel
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1. Breath
2. The Diary of Jane
3. Dance with the Devil
1. The Diary of Jane
2. Breath
3. Evil Angel

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