Best Songs From Breaking Benjamin's We Are Not Alone


The Top Ten

1 So Cold

Absolutely epic, legendary song. There are other brilliant songs on this great album too, but So Cold is definitely top of this list. - EvilAngel

2 Away
3 Follow

This song and So Cold are my favorite songs on this great album! - Pony

4 Forget It

Their most beautiful song, the best lyrical song I've heard in my life, one of only three songs that has ever made me cry, so amazing. I'll admit I didn't even know this song existed until a year after I found out about Breaking Benjamin, I was so focused on Phobia and Dear Agony. Forget It is an unreal song - A7X3DGBB

5 Firefly

Love this song so much! The first song by them I heard and best one on this album - wolphert

6 Believe
7 Sooner or Later
8 Breakdown
9 Break My Fall

Better han believe - Poop2

10 Simple Design

What? This one has EVERYTHING. Clean vocals, heavy vocals, screamed vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar BREAKDOWN, amazing beat, catchy chorus, should I go on? Easily one of their best songs to date.

The Contenders

11 Rain

Are you kidding me? One of their best songs EVER! Such a deep meaning. Really touches me. Yes, its a slow song, but just because its slow doesn't mean it sucks!

This song deserves to be in the higher spot! The beautiful melody and lyrics really made me cry :(.

12 Ordinary Man
13 Lady Bug
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