Best Songs From Britney Spears' Blackout


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1 Gimme More

Gimme more is my friend's and my fav song. the song is just over the top awesome.

Very dark, yet very catchy and very sexy

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2 Piece of Me Piece of Me

This is such a fun song and takes an amazing stab at all the crap she has been through. I love it.

3 Break the Ice Break the Ice

The whole album is flawless but this song is the best on this album. The beat and the vocals are perfect! I never get tired if listening to this song!

This could have been Blackout's version of Toxic. Sensual lyrics and hypnotizing/catchy tune, if the music video and promotion was done right, it would have been a very iconic single.

One of my favorites and really underrated. Her vocals are sexy and great! If it was promoted well it could of been bigger than gimmie more!

Awesome song and MOST undervalued. Super catchy and perfectly matched vocal - the song hook gets stuck in your head for days! Should have been 2nd single and a much bigger hit than it was...

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4 Radar Radar

I think that this song was in blackout but for some reason they never got around to releasing it as a single. By the time they did, blackout was already finished do they just decided to release it with circus instead.

Would've been a VERY big hit if she released this after break the ice

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5 Ooh Ooh Baby Ooh Ooh Baby

Very fun a tease from start to finish

Very catchy fun song - should have been released as a single

6 Hot As Ice Hot As Ice

LIVIN' LEGEND YOU CAN LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH! Sassy, great lyrics and sexy

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7 Freakshow Freakshow

HOw can anyone not like this song?

8 Toy Soldier Toy Soldier

That song is good better than get back,everybody and why would something

9 Get Back Get Back
10 Everybody Everybody

Enthralling vocals, great spin on a hit song

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11 Why Should I Be Sad Why Should I Be Sad

By far the best britney ballad in my opinion.

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12 Get Naked (I Got a Plan) Get Naked (I Got a Plan)

Why is Get Naked no. 12? So dark and catchy and obviously a very good dance dance track. This song deserves to be on the top 5. anyone agrees with me?

What?! Everybody and Why should I be sad? Are better than this song? Even Britney adore it. Can't you see that except from GM, POM, R and BTI, this song is always present on her concerts instead of those two mentioned above...

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13 Heaven On Earth Heaven On Earth V 2 Comments
14 Perfect Lover Perfect Lover

Catchy and she seems like she is having fun

15 Outta This World
16 Sugarfall

I really hoped they would released this even as a bonus track! So sensual, so sweet, so PERFECT.

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