Best Songs From Britney Spears' Britney


The Top Ten

1 Overprotected

This song rocks!

2 I'm a Slave 4 U
3 Cinderella

I wish I had found out about this song earlier. It's a great song and not releasing it as a single was a huge mistake. Especially since the song that was released instead was that cover of I love rock and roll that's pretty far down on the list.

This is so much better than all of the other Britney songs except for overprotected.

This song should have been released as a first single of the album... It is an iconic pop song that just symbolizes the album... Way better than most of the songs released odf the album... Just imagine the music video - britz_mbh

4 I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

Best teen pop song ever!

5 Lonely
6 Anticipating

Anticpating, The best song from Britney,
I love the song, the beat and the sound,
VOTE! For this song, its the best of britney

7 Boys

Listen to BOYS as often as you can it rocks although it is a little stupid.

8 Bombastic Love
9 I Love Rock 'n' Roll
10 That's Where You Take Me

It is just a beautiful song with a beautiful melody...

The Contenders

11 Let Me Be

Masterpiece! I love the melody, rhythm and lyric of this song. Amazing! - LadyJuju

12 I Run Away
13 When I Found You
14 What It's Like to Be Me
15 Before the Goodbye
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