Best Songs from Britney Spears' Glory

A list of the best songs from Britney Spears' Glory.

The Top Ten Best Songs from Britney Spears' Glory

1 Make Me.....

This was the only one I liked - ProPanda

2 Clumsy
3 Liar

2.change your mind
3.just love me
4.slumber party
5.make me me down on the moon
8.mood ring you wanna come over?
10.what you need
13.just like me
14.private show
15.if I'm dancing
16.hard to forget ya
18.coupure elecrique

4 Invitation
5 Slumber Party

1- Slumber party
2- Man on the moon
3- What you need
4- Make me
5- Do you wanna come over
6- Liar
7- Love me down

6 Do You Wanna Come Over?
7 Man On The Moon
8 Mood Ring
9 What You Need
10 Private Show

The Contenders

11 Just Luv Me
12 Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)

really fun

13 Love Me Down

All of the songs on this album are amazing but this one stands out from the rest for me.

14 Better
15 Hard to Forget Ya
16 Just Like Me
17 If I'm Dancing
18 Coupure Électrique
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