Top Ten Songs from the Broadway Show Hamilton

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1 Wait for It Wait for It Cover Art

This is Burr fully. Here we understand him, and he tells us how he isn't staying out of it, he's waiting for his opportunity.

"And if there's a reason I'm still alive,
when everyone who loves me has died.
I'm willing to wait for it."

Death doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints it takes and it takes and it takes

I love how this gives an insight as to how deep Burr's character was, he may have been an orphan like Hamilton. But unlike Hamilton, he has the patience of a saint. Until the end of the musical during 'The World Was Wide Enough.'

2 The Room Where It Happens The Room Where It Happens Cover Art

This is really where you see Burr start to change and become more impulsive. Where stops 'waiting for it'.

The room where it happens is a perfect description of what actually happened in history. however it was told from the point of you of someone who was not there which I think is the most genius part of it all. especially relating back to wait for it and how burr and happy that he's always second to hamilton. When the music stops and burr sings "I- I wanna be in the room where it happens" My heart stops.

This wasn't in my top favorites when I first listened to the soundtrack, but once I saw the show... WOWW

You've kept me from the room where it happens for the last tiiime

3 Satisfied Satisfied Cover Art

The second most heartbreaking song yet this one sticks to my mind more as the rewinded point of view from the girl who gave up the guy is so beautiful, combine that with the rapping from angelica to the beautiful singing and you've got an amazing song that changed my life.

Satisfied is not just about a girl that has a crush on her sister's husband, no. Satisfied is also teaching a lesson to anyone hearing it to learn to let go. Angelica loves Eliza more than anything and decides to let Alexander go despite as she said, "He will never be satisfied, I will never be satisfied..."

I will never be satisfied until this is #1

This song is overrated to me, I usually just skip it. All it does is introduce a love triangle that is irrelevant to the plot.

4 My Shot My Shot Cover Art

There is not one line in this masterpiece of a song I would change. Essentially the underdog anthem of a way to talkative young man who is new in a city and dreams to change the world inspiring a ragtag group of friends to get drunk and dream. Although some mag hate the rap, I believe rap is the only form where you could successfully drill the message of this song into.

Because I'm just like my country I'm young scrappy and hungry and I'm not throwing away my shot!

This is the "Lose Yourself" of Broadway.

They say I listen to Hamilton too much, I say I am not throwing away my shot

5 Non-Stop Non-Stop Cover Art

Basically explains Hamilton's life in a nutshell
Love it.

I have never liked rap. Until Hamilton introduced me to the world. I loved Non-stop the best. Why? Because it gave me a good feeling. A you-can-do-anything feeling. It has a perfect harmony and beautiful combined lyrics. This is the first time I learned how to rap. How I knew to understand it. So now I'm NON-STOP!

Probably one of my favorite parts of the show. Every character gets a chance to shine here, the choreography was incredible as usual, and the song itself is incredibly catchy and amazing.

Non-Stop is basically a perfect mini medley of the beginning of the musical, and it has so many quotable moments! There's no better way to end Act One than with this flawless song.

6 The Schuyler Sisters The Schuyler Sisters Cover Art

If it weren't for this beauty, Peggy would never have risen to power

AND PEGGY (where was she the rest of the show? Peggy is my queen)

I can't stop listening to this song! So good!

Do I even have to say why

7 Dear Theodosia Dear Theodosia Cover Art

So adorable! How can you hate Burr after this? Lesie's voice is amazing!

I love this song as it shows the caring and compassionate side of Hamilton and Burr, it's so sad that both of these men outlived their children.

I think this song should be way higher. It breaks my heart how low this is.

This is such a sweet and touching song.

8 Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton Cover Art

Tied for first place with Yorktown the first time I heard the soundtrack

I first heard a parody of this song about General Hux, a character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I loved the parody and was interested in listening to the original. And boy, was I pleased. I listened to the rest of the soundtrack and just fell in love with it! Now, I need to go see this Broadway show live!

The first one I heard, and boy do I regret not listening to it sooner. Off to listen to the whole soundtrack!

Random Dude - What's Your Name Man?
Me - Bob.

9 Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story Cover Art

Ending, but is so beautiful and teaches you that you have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story.

I read another article that ranked the songs (I forgot what it was called I'm sorry) and for this one, they mentioned that, "As bad as it is that Hamilton isn't remembered too well, it's even worse how little Eliza is remembered." This song shows how amazing Eliza is. She did all of this to keep her husband's (who did some pretty bad things, if you know what I'm talking about) legacy secure.

I think that this is the best song because it isn't one of the typical Hamilton songs that everyone knows. It's a quieter song that sums up everything that has happened in the musical and brings me to tears because of the emotion in Eliza's voice. The lyrics show that she wanted to do whatever she could to tell Hamilton's story and carry on his legacy.

Eliza is my favorite character and it shows all of her loyalty and kindness. It brings tears into my eyes and my favorite, though Wait for It, Satisfied, and Burn are close.

10 You'll Be Back You'll Be Back Cover Art

Just the right amount of over-the-top craziness. The lines are written beautifully, even for a character who is often considered comedic relief.

One of my friends said they're too old for Hamilton. So I told her, "You'll be Back! "

I am utterly shocked. My top five makes up five of the top six. I'll be back to check and see if my number one has moved up from sixth.

Jonathan Groff is absolutely PERFECT. He nails the part of King George III!

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11 Say No to This Say No to This Cover Art

This is more of a personal favorite. Burr doing his normal narration thing believes maybe this one is better left to hamilton to tell. (hinting at hamilton later spilling the tea ((ha)) himself in The Reynolds Pamphlet) Then the embarrassed and regretful hamilton sings a song that allows himself the pleasure of being regretful yet still making the terrible decisions he made. at that to Mrs.Reynolds "please stay" cries and you got yourself a pair of sympathetic villains in this narrative. And an Anakin Favorite

Jasmine's voice in this is amazing, and the fact that she can morph into even different voices makes me love her more. She probably has the strongest voice in the cast.

Really people this song should be way higher up it gives such a good description of the affair between Alexander and Maria in my opinion this song should be # 1

Not to brag, but I can sing Maria, Hamilton, and company at the same time.

12 Guns and Ships Guns and Ships Cover Art

I wish I can rap..
This is one of the best and fastest Hamilton songs in my opinion!

I can entirely rap guns and ships and if you knew me you would be surprised that I can rap at all. This song actually is the reason I know what Hamilton is. Lastly I can now rap in French thanks to Lafayette!

This is my personal favorite, I played washington in the hamilton my school performed

This song is so good and I really like all the rapping parts

13 It's Quiet Uptown It's Quiet Uptown Cover Art

How could you not love this song. Following Elizas promise in "Burn" she has taken herself out of the narrative, which is why she only utters one line in the song (more on that later) in the wake of her sons death she still refuses to speak, instead the song is told through Alexander and Angelicas point of view. Angelica has taken over her sisters narrative. Alexander is clearly broken which can be heard in the soft croaking speak singing Lin Manual decided upon for his character. Angelica and the Ensembles singing stuns and turns people to tears (no seriously though) When Eliza does finally speak its to utter "its quiet uptown". The heartbreaking moment when you realize that she can't take anymore loss so she is beginning to forgive her husband hurts for too many reasons. Just wow !

How could you not love this? Eliza forgiving Alexander, Angelica narrating, PHILLIP BEING DEAD? Yeah, its sad, but its BEAUTIFUL!

Oml I don't know what to say I just love this song so much I could DIE

The emotion in this song is absolutely incredible. For 4 minutes and 30 seconds, you go through what he was going through. Not to mention the glorious melody and harmonies.

14 Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) Cover Art

This is just the best song is Hamilton. I don't really like Hamilton that much (it's because it kinda shows the British as evil people and I'm British) but this song is just amazing. It's got rap, singing, an amazing tune, good story, captivating lyrics and call backs to other songs. In my opinion this should be #1. The world turned upside down... because this isn't #1.

Amazing. Just amazing. I'm so confused this wasn't number 1. It's just so energetic and you can see everyone playing in this put so much power in this. Personally, this isn't just the best of Hamilton but the best in all music. Even people into the musical should adore this song. Overall, Catchy, powerful and energetic as hell. definitely the best of the best!

Deserves to be higher. The rhyming in this song is fantastic, the lyrics are interesting and unmissable, and the performance of this onstage only adds to all the excitement. There is so much passion in this song and it tells the story of a battle in a powerful way. Possibly one of my favourite Hamilton songs of all time.

I ADORE this song! It is amazing and the first time I heard it I'm like "Boi this is a great song" Let's get this higher on the list this song is OUTSTANDING! 5 STARS!

15 Burn Burn Cover Art

A song that will either bring you to tears or make anger boil up inside you. Elizas declaration of "ENOUGH" to alexander. as she burns him and his letters. Her heartbreak and pain is relatable and her removal from the narrative is fitting and powerful

This is just such a good song! I can feel the emotion through my phone.

This needs to by higher up on the list! It really shows how talented and beautiful Phillipa so's voice is. You can hear the raw emotion and deep feelings when you listen to this song. It's definitely one of the most poignant songs in the musical.

*SLIGHT SPOILER* This has made it all the way to 15th place, but it still needs to be higher! Phillipa's voice is so amazing in this song, and it really reflects the heartbreak Eliza must've felt when she read The Reynolds Pamphlet.

16 Right Hand Man Right Hand Man Cover Art

My sister is my right hand man.


Close the door on your way out

What’s wrong it sounds like a pop rap with so much meaning I would rather get killed by a noob in fortnite than see its place on this list.

17 One Last Time One Last Time Cover Art

I cry every time. But no seriously. the weaving in of the actual letter is genius.

Christopher Jackson probably has the best voice out of the male cast he really brings the house down

I had the privledge to see the amazing Chris Jackson perform this on Broadway and it legit made my cry. SO GOOD

I <3 Chris Jackson, he is incredibly talented, has a voice that blows away most singers you hear on the radio, and seems like a really nice person. Please get this outstanding song higher it's truly amazing if more people listened to it. ASTOUNDING performer

18 What'd I Miss What'd I Miss Cover Art

Jefferson is great and he knows it so here he comes hopping out his little boat from France in a fancy coat and throws shade at Hamilton the rest of the act. Fab entrance for a fab character.

It's funny this part when Maddison says "Where have you been? " and Jefferson replies "Uh, France? " LOL.

I love this song so much Jefferson is my son

I like the instrumental version I guess

19 Take a Break Take a Break Cover Art

From the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 at the beginning alluding to Phillip's death to the increasing emotional intensity with each subsequent chorus, this song is often overlooked but I think it's very pivotal song in the show. It also is just a beautiful song. So if you were to ask me who I promote, Take a Break has my vote.

It's 'Philip people, not 'Phillip'

My name is Phillip.
I am a poet.
I wrote this poem just to show it.

I love this line:
"There's a lake I know...
In a nearby park...
You and I can go
When the night gets dark"

20 The World Was Wide Enough The World Was Wide Enough Cover Art

I don't even know where two begin. Burrs narration! The weaving in again of the three duals that changed Hamilton's life (his sons death, his sons birth, and his own death) The "I imagine death" for the third time this time with no beat or melody. Where as in Yorktown there was both and in My shot just a beat. Lin Manual is a genius

In my opinion, this is one of the most underrated songs in the entire musical.

This should definitely be higher on the list. Most of this show was based upon the theme of legacy, and that shows especially through Alexander. He spends almost the entirety of the show trying to create a legacy. However, in this song, he accepts that making a legacy is "like planting seeds in a garden you never get to see..." And for once, he encourages someone to take their time, Eliza ("...Eliza! My love, take your time").

... it's just beautiful, do I need to explain?

21 Washington On Your Side Washington On Your Side Cover Art

This song is so catchy, and the music is so good

I love this song! What a good rap

The harmony, flow and dynamics of this song is just.. ughhh so good.

22 Helpless Helpless Cover Art

This is such a great song, and so catchy! It really shows how much Angelica cared about her sister.

23 Aaron Burr, Sir Aaron Burr, Sir Cover Art

"If you stand for nothing Burr, what'll you fall for?" - This is the line that made me fall in love with Hamilton. The whole thing is just so beautifully written.

Who else raps both parts and slightly changes positions based on which part it is?

I don't know why... but I really like this song!

This song this song this song lol I love it s

24 The Story of Tonight The Story of Tonight Cover Art

I mean, they're all probably drunk but is showcases their hopes and fears of freedom.

This is an AMAZING song. So heartfelt, loving and if you watch the show (You probably have) seeing the gang together is perfect

Deserves WAY higher

25 Blow Us All Away Blow Us All Away Cover Art
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