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1 Wait for It

I love how this gives an insight as to how deep Burr's character was, he may have been an orphan like Hamilton. But unlike Hamilton, he has the patience of a saint. Until the end of the musical during 'The World Was Wide Enough.'

I'm willing it wait for it! I'm willing to wait to actually get enough money to see hamilton!

No! This song should be number one. Combined with the pain in Burr's voice and the difficult reality of being one-upped makes this so relatable and sad... I feel so bad for the villain Burr

Out of all the character songs, Wait for It doesn’t only speak to who Burr is but is the perfect antithesis to Hamilton’s My Shot. Self preservation vs Risk taking. Make it vs Wait it out. A fast paced hip hop song vs an emotional ballad. This song along with Room Where It Happens, establishes Burr as not only Hamilton’s opposition but his equal. As another main character.

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2 Satisfied

Satisfied is not just about a girl that has a crush on her sister's husband, no. Satisfied is also teaching a lesson to anyone hearing it to learn to let go. Angelica loves Eliza more than anything and decides to let Alexander go despite as she said, "He will never be satisfied, I will never be satisfied..."

This song is overrated to me, I usually just skip it. All it does is introduce a love triangle that is irrelevant to the plot.

I will never be satisfied until this is #1

The song Is just amazing

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3 The Room Where It Happens

This is easily the most layered and diverse song in the show. It switches seamlessly between effects and instruments, and has probably the catchiest rhythm. Also with the lyrics we get a little more insight on Burr's motives and personality, something we don't get too often in this show.

The diversity in this song is great. It changes so much, and yet it always sounds like heaven. Not to mention it plays a really big role to the play and Leslie Odom kills it as Burr. Overall, a masterpiece of a song and definitely the best in this great musical.

When this was made I wish I was in the room where I happened

The room where it happens is easily my favorite song in the show. it gives us insight to burr’s point of view-not wanting to pick a side, but wanting to be involved

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4 My Shot

This is the "Lose Yourself" of Broadway.

They say I listen to Hamilton too much, I say I am not throwing away my shot

Look at these nerds rapping about the founding fathers, My day is getting dark so let me spell out my name, I am the AL-EX-AN-D-ER-WE are meant to be colony that runs independently

This song can' t compare to any other hamilton master peice. this song should be #1

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5 Non-Stop

I have never liked rap. Until Hamilton introduced me to the world. I loved Non-stop the best. Why? Because it gave me a good feeling. A you-can-do-anything feeling. It has a perfect harmony and beautiful combined lyrics. This is the first time I learned how to rap. How I knew to understand it. So now I'm NON-STOP!

Non-Stop is basically a perfect mini medley of the beginning of the musical, and it has so many quotable moments! There's no better way to end Act One than with this flawless song.

Non-Stop has samples from basically EVERY song and includes so many contrasting harmonies and characters. I always try to sing every part at the end, hah...

Combining all these songs at the end
I bow respect

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6 The Schuyler Sisters

I can't stop listening to this song! So good!

I love this song so much

Best song by far I've memorized after 2 days


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7 Alexander Hamilton

I first heard a parody of this song about General Hux, a character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I loved the parody and was interested in listening to the original. And boy, was I pleased. I listened to the rest of the soundtrack and just fell in love with it! Now, I need to go see this Broadway show live! - Supernatural

The first one I heard, and boy do I regret not listening to it sooner. Off to listen to the whole soundtrack! - keycha1n

The best

In Hamilton, first is not the worse. In Hamilton, everything and especially the first song is the best! Can’t chose. But I will chose the first song because it is one of my favorites

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8 You'll Be Back

One of my friends said they're too old for Hamilton. So I told her, "You'll be Back! " - NotYoursTruly

I am utterly shocked. My top five makes up five of the top six. I'll be back to check and see if my number one has moved up from sixth.

Jonathan Groff is absolutely PERFECT. He nails the part of King George III!

Jonathan Groff is amazing, perfect for the role :D I like how this song is almost exaggerated to the point of comedy in a bit, and it's SO catchy :D Even my Mom is a Hamilton geek from this song, lol. It should be 1!

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9 Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

This is just the best song is Hamilton. I don't really like Hamilton that much (it's because it kinda shows the British as evil people and I'm British) but this song is just amazing. It's got rap, singing, an amazing tune, good story, captivating lyrics and call backs to other songs. In my opinion this should be #1. The world turned upside down... because this isn't #1.

Amazing. Just amazing. I'm so confused this wasn't number 1. It's just so energetic and you can see everyone playing in this put so much power in this. Personally, this isn't just the best of Hamilton but the best in all music. Even people into the musical should adore this song. Overall, Catchy, powerful and energetic as hell. definitely the best of the best!

Deserves to be higher. The rhyming in this song is fantastic, the lyrics are interesting and unmissable, and the performance of this onstage only adds to all the excitement. There is so much passion in this song and it tells the story of a battle in a powerful way. Possibly one of my favourite Hamilton songs of all time. - biancaurie

No it should be 5

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10 Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

I read another article that ranked the songs (I forgot what it was called I'm sorry) and for this one, they mentioned that, "As bad as it is that Hamilton isn't remembered too well, it's even worse how little Eliza is remembered." This song shows how amazing Eliza is. She did all of this to keep her husband's (who did some pretty bad things, if you know what I'm talking about) legacy secure.

I think that this is the best song because it isn't one of the typical Hamilton songs that everyone knows. It's a quieter song that sums up everything that has happened in the musical and brings me to tears because of the emotion in Eliza's voice. The lyrics show that she wanted to do whatever she could to tell Hamilton's story and carry on his legacy.

Eliza is my favorite character and it shows all of her loyalty and kindness. It brings tears into my eyes and my favorite, though Wait for It, Satisfied, and Burn are close.

The harmonies and melodies are beautiful in this song, and this song tells the incredible story of Eliza's widowed life.

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11 Say No to This

Jasmine's voice in this is amazing, and the fact that she can morph into even different voices makes me love her more. She probably has the strongest voice in the cast.

Really people this song should be way higher up it gives such a good description of the affair between Alexander and Maria in my opinion this song should be # 1

Not to brag, but I can sing Maria, Hamilton, and company at the same time. - AnonymousChick

Jasmine was the perfect casting choice for Maria Reynolds, with that absolutely amazing voice.

But this song makes me so mad! HAMILTON, YOU MAN WHORE! - Absolite

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12 Dear Theodosia

I love this song as it shows the caring and compassionate side of Hamilton and Burr, it's so sad that both of these men outlived their children.

I think this song should be way higher. It breaks my heart how low this is. - NotYoursTruly

This is such a sweet and touching song.

The amount of love poured into this song is indescribable. It’s the beautiful story of Hamilton and Burr meeting their children and the pride and love you hear in their voices is enough to break your heart. And their gentle harmonies at the end are just so calming, heartwarming, and beautiful. I could listen to the song for hours.

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13 Guns and Ships

I can entirely rap guns and ships and if you knew me you would be surprised that I can rap at all. This song actually is the reason I know what Hamilton is. Lastly I can now rap in French thanks to Lafayette!

This is my personal favorite, I played washington in the hamilton my school performed

This song is so good and I really like all the rapping parts

Let's go Lafayette!

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14 It's Quiet Uptown

The emotion in this song is absolutely incredible. For 4 minutes and 30 seconds, you go through what he was going through. Not to mention the glorious melody and harmonies.

In 4 minutes and 30 seconds, you go through what Hamilton went through. That's how emotional the song is. And then there's the beautiful melody and angelic harmonies.

Not my favorite song but it needs to be higher on the list because AAA JUST SEEING THE TITLE MAKES ME HYSTERICAL (it doesn't make me cry, though, because when I;m hysterical I smile which is weird but true) and it's sadly really catchy so every time it gets in my head I want to throw things

The best one

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15 Burn

This needs to by higher up on the list! It really shows how talented and beautiful Phillipa so's voice is. You can hear the raw emotion and deep feelings when you listen to this song. It's definitely one of the most poignant songs in the musical.

*SLIGHT SPOILER* This has made it all the way to 15th place, but it still needs to be higher! Phillipa's voice is so amazing in this song, and it really reflects the heartbreak Eliza must've felt when she read The Reynolds Pamphlet.

This NEEDS to be higher!

This HAS TO BE higher! This show Pippa (Phillipa)'s talented voice and ability! Its AMAZING. From Really Long notes to stay in a high pitch is 110% PERFECT

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16 Right Hand Man


What’s wrong it sounds like a pop rap with so much meaning I would rather get killed by a noob in fortnite than see its place on this list.

17 What'd I Miss

Jefferson is great and he knows it so here he comes hopping out his little boat from France in a fancy coat and throws shade at Hamilton the rest of the act. Fab entrance for a fab character.

I love this song so much Jefferson is my son

I like the instrumental version I guess - Puppytart

How is this not #1

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18 The World Was Wide Enough

This should definitely be higher on the list. Most of this show was based upon the theme of legacy, and that shows especially through Alexander. He spends almost the entirety of the show trying to create a legacy. However, in this song, he accepts that making a legacy is "like planting seeds in a garden you never get to see..." And for once, he encourages someone to take their time, Eliza ("...Eliza! My love, take your time"). - Kit-Kat_Kawaii

So sad

Ok you all go die this is the best song it is so sad this should have been the last song go die burr when he said "he aims hi pistol at the sky wait" it gave me chills. then when hamilton was give that death monlog made me cry

The monologue of Legacy cuts deep, the feelings going through Burr’s mind after regretting the shot and simply “He aims his pistol to the sky- WAIT! ” Honestly sends chills.

19 Washington On Your Side

I love this song! What a good rap - Scr3aM

The harmony, flow and dynamics of this song is just.. ughhh so good.

20 One Last Time

Christopher Jackson probably has the best voice out of the male cast he really brings the house down

I had the privledge to see the amazing Chris Jackson perform this on Broadway and it legit made my cry. SO GOOD

I <3 Chris Jackson, he is incredibly talented, has a voice that blows away most singers you hear on the radio, and seems like a really nice person. Please get this outstanding song higher it's truly amazing if more people listened to it. ASTOUNDING performer

21 Aaron Burr, Sir

Who else raps both parts and slightly changes positions based on which part it is? - AnonymousChick

This song this song this song lol I love it s

Teacher: Pardon me-
Me: Are you Aaron Burr, sir? - Absolite

THIS IS THE BEST SONG IN THE WORLD I MET MY BEST FRIEND WHEN SHE WAS LISTINING TO THIS AND I SAID are you Aaron burr sir? And she replied that depends who’s asking and then we bust out laughing

22 History Has Its Eyes On You

Christopher Jackson sounds fantastic in this one! Combined with the ensemble, this track is EASILY one of my all time favorites!

23 Hurricane

I don't think hurricane gets enough love it's a really good song Yes it has one sad line but otherwise it's great

It's so beautiful but it's the start of disaster...

Beutiful song honestly my favorite

24 Take a Break

From the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 at the beginning alluding to Phillip's death to the increasing emotional intensity with each subsequent chorus, this song is often overlooked but I think it's very pivotal song in the show. It also is just a beautiful song. So if you were to ask me who I promote, Take a Break has my vote.

My name is Phillip.
I am a poet.
I wrote this poem just to show it. - marshmallow123

I love this line:
"There's a lake I know...
In a nearby park...
You and I can go
When the night gets dark"

25 The Story of Tonight
26 Blow Us All Away
27 The Election of 1800

I never thought it would be in the top 10, but 29 is too low

LIIIT BOIS dis dons is rad best sing of 2018 boys no better eat fick aiuyahjk

All I Hear:
Hillary or Trump? (Hillary or Trump? )
We know its lose-lose!
Hillary or Trump? (Hillary or Trump? )
But if you had to choose?
Dear fellow Americans! Bernie Sanders doesn't stand a chance so who are you promoting? But if you had to choose?

This song is really overlooked, but just listening to it reminds me that America's faced these same issues since its inception, and we pulled through. - keycha1n

28 Farmer Refuted

I want to sing both parts... but I can't... I'll try anyways and sound stupid! - AnonymousChick

My dog speakers more elequently than the

29 Cabinet Battle #1

This is basically Epic Rap Battles of History. "Turn around, bend over, let me show you where my shoe fits! " Best line ever. - Absolite

Turn around bend over show you where my shoe fits

It's so funny and catchy, how is this so low?!

30 Your Obedient Servant

Why is this all the way down here? This song is painfully underrated

This is the most amazing song everrr

31 Helpless

This is such a great song, and so catchy! It really shows how much Angelica cared about her sister.

32 The Reynolds Pamphlet

I love this song! The music is great, but honestly I love all Hamilton songs!

33 Tomorrow There'll Be More of Us

This is not a song it line from 'the story of tonight'... - ShebaDaDog

This is not really considered a Hamilton song. It is more commonly known as the Laurens Interlude. I honestly hate this song because it marks the death of my favorite character, John Laurens. Also, Alexander Hamilton starts to become more and more of a dickhead after this song.

34 Stay Alive (Reprise)

This song is really beautiful

Why so low? It's so sad! - AnonymousChick

35 Congratulations

Guys this song, is so awesome. First of all, I don't think it should've been cut from the show and second of all, it's amazing. Angelica is getting angry over Alexander hurting his sister while she probably still loves him. Then she confesses her pain to him about her marriage and hides the pain about how she wants him, but she gave him up for his sister. It's like Satisfied, but shorter and a wider range of emotions.

This should be higher - Youare4

I don't think this a song - ShebaDaDog

36 The Story of Tonight (Reprise)


37 Stay Alive
38 Ten Duel Commandments
39 Meet Me Inside

Call me son one more time! - AnonymousChick

Why so low?

40 That Would Be Enough

Such a beautiful song! - SaoirseSeal

This is the best song in Hamilton! Brang a year to my eye

41 I Know Him

Has to be my favorite King George III song ever!

This one is so funny!

42 A Winter's Ball
43 What Comes Next?

Awesome! Wow! - AnonymousChick

44 Cabinet Battle #2

The Cabinet Battles are why I hate this thing. - ProPanda

45 The Adams Administration

Fave Part "Sit Down John YoU FAT MOTHER$#&*@#! ". Cause to be honest, if the song comes up on shuffle, I Would yell that, even in school and My Parents.

46 We Know

Best vocals

47 Best of Wives and Best of Women

This should be lower it's the worst - Youare4


48 Schuyler Defeated
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