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1 The Room Where It Happens

When this was made I wish I was in the room where I happened

So many Hamilton references can be made with this song!

This should have been number one! !

The reason I like it is because I can imagion how a scene like this would be in a movie

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2 Satisfied

I will never be satisfied until this is #1

I know the entire song by heart, I just can't get enough- or should I say, "I will never be satisfied"?

One of the most beautiful songs in this musical. Basically Hamilton's On My Own.

I'd have to be naïve to set this aside now maybe that is why... I VOTED FOR THIS SONG!

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3 My Shot

They say I listen to Hamilton too much, I say I am not throwing away my shot

This is the "Lose Yourself" of Broadway.

Look at these nerds rapping about the founding fathers, My day is getting dark so let me spell out my name, I am the AL-EX-AN-D-ER-WE are meant to be colony that runs independently

I'm young, scrappy, and hungry and I'm not throwing away my shot! - NotYoursTruly

4 Wait for It

I'm willing it wait for it! I'm willing to wait to actually get enough money to see hamilton!

It will be a long time until I get to see Hamilton but I'm willing to wait for it - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

I don't have a favorite song but I'm willing to wait for it

This is my favorite - parkl911

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5 Non-Stop

I have never liked rap. Until Hamilton introduced me to the world. I loved Non-stop the best. Why? Because it gave me a good feeling. A you-can-do-anything feeling. It has a perfect harmony and beautiful combined lyrics. This is the first time I learned how to rap. How I knew to understand it. So now I'm NON-STOP!

Non-Stop is basically a perfect mini medley of the beginning of the musical, and it has so many quotable moments! There's no better way to end Act One than with this flawless song.

Non-Stop has samples from basically EVERY song and includes so many contrasting harmonies and characters. I always try to sing every part at the end, hah...

This song is brilliant - schnippernyc

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6 The Schuyler Sisters

Best song by far I've memorized after 2 days

I love this song so much

...and peggy - AnonymousChick

the best - parkl911

7 You'll Be Back

One of my friends said they're too old for Hamilton. So I told her, "You'll be Back! " - NotYoursTruly

Jonathan Groff is absolutely PERFECT. He nails the part of King George III!

This song is My favorite!

If I ever break up with someone.

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8 Alexander Hamilton

I first heard a parody of this song about General Hux, a character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I loved the parody and was interested in listening to the original. And boy, was I pleased. I listened to the rest of the soundtrack and just fell in love with it! Now, I need to go see this Broadway show live! - Supernatural

The first one I heard, and boy do I regret not listening to it sooner. Off to listen to the whole soundtrack! - keycha1n

Good song. I'm singing this one in an upcoming concert in school. - Gabriola

My friend introduced me to hamilton and this was the only song I knew. We'd sing duets, and since I didn't know the whole rap (at the time) she'd let me sing all of Lin's parts. She couldn't stopm laughing becuase I sing super 'princess-ly' - AnonymousChick

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9 Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

Eliza is my favorite character and it shows all of her loyalty and kindness. It brings tears into my eyes and my favorite, though Wait for It, Satisfied, and Burn are close.

A perfect, bittersweet ending! "Can I tell you what I'm proudest of? "

I always wonder who lives who dies who tells your story

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10 Say No to This

Jasmine's voice in this is amazing, and the fact that she can morph into even different voices makes me love her more. She probably has the strongest voice in the cast.

Not to brag, but I can sing Maria, Hamilton, and company at the same time. - AnonymousChick

Jasmine is the best singer in the whole musical. - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

Wow I don't know how to say no to this

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11 Dear Theodosia

I think this song should be way higher. It breaks my heart how low this is. - NotYoursTruly

This is such a sweet and touching song.

Such an underrated song!

Dear Theodora makes me cry. It's so heartfelt and beautiful

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12 Guns and Ships

I can entirely rap guns and ships and if you knew me you would be surprised that I can rap at all. This song actually is the reason I know what Hamilton is. Lastly I can now rap in French thanks to Lafayette!

This is my personal favorite, I played washington in the hamilton my school performed

So good. So good

My little Lafayette 😳

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13 It's Quiet Uptown

This is one of the most emotional songs in the musical. The repetitives in this song might make other people hate it, but I believe that it makes it stronger. Please, get this higher on the list!

This song is so sad, which is why I love it. - PianoQueen

This song is so sad :'( You can sense Alex's depression

If you see me in the street
walking by myself
sobbing to myself
Have pity
I'm listening to It's quiet uptown. - AnonymousChick

14 Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

This is just the best song is Hamilton. I don't really like Hamilton that much (it's because it kinda shows the British as evil people and I'm British) but this song is just amazing. It's got rap, singing, an amazing tune, good story, captivating lyrics and call backs to other songs. In my opinion this should be #1. The world turned upside down... because this isn't #1.

I ADORE this song! It is amazing and the first time I heard it I'm like "Boi this is a great song" Let's get this higher on the list this song is OUTSTANDING! 5 STARS!

This one is awesome!

Tf you mean this isn't #1

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15 What'd I Miss

Jefferson is great and he knows it so here he comes hopping out his little boat from France in a fancy coat and throws shade at Hamilton the rest of the act. Fab entrance for a fab character.

I love this song so much Jefferson is my son

Not only does this song sound amazing, Daveed performs it extremely well live and seeing him made me sooo happy.


16 Burn

This needs to by higher up on the list! It really shows how talented and beautiful Phillipa so's voice is. You can hear the raw emotion and deep feelings when you listen to this song. It's definitely one of the most poignant songs in the musical.

#26? HER VOCALS ARE THE BEST THING EVER I don't think this should be #1 but AT LEAST IN THE TOP TEN come on GUYS

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17 Aaron Burr, Sir

Who else raps both parts and slightly changes positions based on which part it is? - AnonymousChick

18 Washington On Your Side

I love this song! What a good rap - Scr3aM

19 One Last Time

Christopher Jackson probably has the best voice out of the male cast he really brings the house down

I had the privledge to see the amazing Chris Jackson perform this on Broadway and it legit made my cry. SO GOOD

I <3 Chris Jackson, he is incredibly talented, has a voice that blows away most singers you hear on the radio, and seems like a really nice person. Please get this outstanding song higher it's truly amazing if more people listened to it. ASTOUNDING performer

20 The Story of Tonight
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