Top Ten Songs by The Band Them

Although the band Them is most notable for being Van Morrison's first successful band before going solo, I think they put out enough good music to be judged on their own merits. Feel free to add to this list.

The Top Ten

1 Gloria

Van Morrison wrote it when he was about 18 years old. It's become one of those songs that every garage band learns how to play. - Gg2000

2 Baby Please Don't Go

An uptempo blues rocker. This song has so much energy. - Gg2000

Gg2000...this should be #1! - Britgirl

Yeah... In retrospect, that probably would've been a better idea. It was a tough choice, though. - Gg2000

3 Mystic Eyes

This song was originally an instrumental jam; Van made up the lyrics at the end. The engineer cut off the beginning and faded out the end, leaving us with the final version. - Gg2000

4 Here Comes the Night

My mum used to say "I like them" I used to wonder why she never said the band's name. It wasn't until I got older that I realised she actually did. Yah.. Anyway, she loves this song and so do I! - Britgirl

A more pop-friendly song, it was written by Bert Burns (who signed Van Morrison to his first solo contract). - Gg2000

5 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

A Bob Dylan cover; it's actually one of my favorite Dylan covers. - Gg2000

This cover version was sampled in the Beck song "Jack Ass". - JCHOW

Yeah, I've actually heard about that. (I haven't really listened intensely to Beck). - Gg2000

6 Turn on Your Love Light

A staple of their live performances throughout their career, a fan recording of it invariably gave them their record contract. They later recorded it professionally for their second album. - Gg2000

7 If You and I Could Be as Two

From their first album; it's more of an R&B/soul ballad. - Gg2000

8 Just a Little Bit

Also from their first album. It was originally recorded by an obscure blues singer named Rosco Gordon. - Gg2000

9 Don't Look Back

Originally recorded by blues musician John Lee Hooker. Van Morrison rerecorded it with Hooker in the 1990s for a collaboration album called Don't Look Back. - Gg2000

10 Out of Sight

From their second album, Them Again. It was originally recorded by James Brown. - Gg2000

The Contenders

11 She Put a Hex on You
12 Waltz of the Flies
13 Black Widow Spider
14 Square Room
15 I'm Your Witch Doctor
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