Best Songs by Bilal Saeed


The Top Ten

1 Mahi Mahi

Nice song

2 12 Saal

This is wonderful song I have ever heard

The best heart touching song by bilal saeed.i always love bilal saeed from me Dharamjeet.

3 Adhi Adhi Raat

I love This Song...

Billal Saeed I suggest you as a fan plaz makes a sed and emotional song

Best song...i love this song...All the songs r best...and hard touching

4 2 Number
5 Heeriye

Ever green song...

6 Mahiya

One of the standouts from twelve

7 Lethal Combination
8 Choohti
9 Blah Blah Blah

Best rocking song by Bilal Saeed

10 Teri Khair Mangdi

Best song ever by Bilal Saeed

The Contenders

11 Paranday

It is the latest song by bilal saeed from speed records.and its awesome😍.

Gaana though mast h mast rhega par ik chahat h ki bilal ji india aagao [AP]

12 Khair Mangdi

Loved by Dharamjeet.

13 Kaash
14 Mohabbat Yeh
15 Ku Ku Tu Meri Jaan
16 Suroor

Bilal Saeed ft Neha Kakkar

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