Top Ten Songs by Cold

Rock band from Jacksonville, Florida. Lead Singer is Scooter Ward. Can't believe no one has written a top ten song list for this great band. Not really going to put the song "Stupid Girl" because the lyrics were mostly written by Rivers Cuomo from Weezer and that Scooter Ward himself has said that he doesn't have a clue on what the song means other than probably about a stupid girl.

The Top Ten

1 Give

Give is my favorite, though the songs above are equally awesome - LesterBangsEsquire

2 Cure My Tragedy (A Letter to God)

It may not be the hardest rock song by Cold, but it has a lot of meaning in between the lyrics.

3 Just Got Wicked
4 Stupid Girl
5 Go Away
6 End of the World
7 Suffocate
8 Gone Away (A Song for Starr)
9 No One

Love this song. It should definitely be in the top three.

This song is so good. Should be number 1.

10 Wicked World

The Newcomers

? Flight of the Superstar

The Contenders

11 Don't Belong
12 Confession
13 Remedy

Overall the sound of this song is brilliant because its got a great rhythm and the little 2 seconds between the bridge and the last chorus is amazing.

14 American Dream
15 With My Mind
16 Witch
17 Tell Me Why
18 Happens All the Time
19 The Switch
20 Goodbye Cruel World
21 Everyone Dies
22 A Different Kind of Pain
23 Bleed
24 Another Pill
25 Feel It In Your Heart
26 When Angels Fly Away
27 Rain Song
28 Back Home
29 Kill the Music Industry
30 Wasted Years

How was Wasted Years not here yet? My favorite song from Year of the Spider by far, so sad. - NuMetalManiak

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